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Alaina Akcakaya: Boxing Gear Pioneer

Alaina Akcakaya: Boxing Gear Pioneer
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

By: Hit N Move

In the fiercely competitive arena of boxing gear, Hit N Move has emerged as a standout brand, driven by a philosophy of innovation, quality, and authenticity. While the company is widely recognized for its high-quality products, it’s the vision and leadership of Alaina Akcakaya, Vice President of Public Relations, that plays a crucial role in the brand’s unique approach to business.

A Family-Driven Enterprise

Hit N Move was founded by Ozhan “Ozzie” Akcakaya, an amateur master champion boxer, who sought to bring his deep understanding of the sport into the development of superior boxing gear. Ozhan’s passion for boxing and commitment to excellence have been pivotal, but it’s the family dynamic that truly sets Hit N Move apart. Alaina, his wife, is instrumental in shaping the company’s public image and maintaining its core values.

Alaina’s Vision for Authenticity

Alaina Akcakaya’s approach to business is rooted in maintaining the authenticity and independence that define Hit N Move. Unlike many companies that chase investor-driven growth, Hit N Move prides itself on its independence. “We wake up each day with a commitment to our vision, not to investors,” says Alaina. This ethos ensures that the company’s decisions are driven by passion and dedication to the sport rather than financial pressures.

Balancing Innovation with Tradition

Alaina emphasizes the importance of innovation while staying true to the brand’s roots. “Innovation is at the heart of what we do, but it must always serve the sport and the athletes,” she explains. This balance is evident in the meticulous development process of their products, like the acclaimed Turtle Mitts, which are favored by world champions and top coaches. These mitts, along with other products like the aerodynamic Dart Dr-t padding, exemplify Hit N Move’s commitment to quality and performance.

Alaina Akcakaya: Boxing Gear Pioneer

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Prioritizing Product Development

The decision to remain independent allows Hit N Move to focus on what truly matters: product development. Alaina believes that bringing investors on board would dilute this focus. “Accepting investors means compromising on our vision,” she notes. This stance allows the company to invest time and resources into creating innovative gear that meets the highest standards.

Grassroots Growth

Under Alaina’s guidance, Hit N Move has embraced a grassroots approach to growth. Rather than relying on flashy marketing campaigns, the company lets the quality of its products speak for itself. This strategy has paid off, with their gear being widely adopted by top-tier athletes and coaches. From the Turtle Mitts to the Precision Headgear, every piece of equipment is crafted with the athlete’s needs in mind.

A Personal Touch in Every Product

The family dynamic at Hit N Move ensures that every product is made with care and precision. Alaina works closely with Ozhan, his father Metin, and his brother Sam to push the boundaries of what boxing gear can be. This personal touch is a key element of the brand’s identity. “Each product is a reflection of our commitment to the sport and the community,” says Alaina.

Alaina Akcakaya: Boxing Gear Pioneer

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Building Trust and Respect

Alaina’s dedication to quality and authenticity has helped build a strong foundation of trust and respect within the boxing community. Hit N Move’s products are not just gear; they are tools that enhance the performance and safety of athletes. This commitment has earned the brand a loyal following among both amateur and professional boxers.

Looking Ahead

As Hit N Move continues to grow, Alaina remains focused on the company’s core values. “Our mission is to provide the best equipment for every boxer, from amateurs to professionals,” she states. This philosophy, rooted in personal passion and professional integrity, ensures that Hit N Move will remain a leader in the boxing gear industry.

In an era where many businesses are driven by the pursuit of profit, Hit N Move stands out for its dedication to quality, innovation, and authenticity. Under the leadership of Alaina Akcakaya, the company is poised to continue making significant contributions to the sport of boxing, one innovation at a time.


Published By: Aize Perez

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