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Alaina Akcakaya: Balancing Business and Family

Alaina Akcakaya: Balancing Business and Family
Photo Courtesy: HIT N Move

By: Hit N Move

In the business world, few can match the dynamic energy of Alaina Akcakaya, the Vice President of Public Relations at HIT N MOVE®. With a master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a successful career in the consulting industry, Alaina has always been a force to reckon with. Her journey into the world of boxing and her role in HIT N MOVE® is a testament to her versatility and commitment to excellence.

From Consulting to Boxing

Alaina’s background in ergonomics and her passion for designing efficient organizational cultures made her a perfect fit for HIT N MOVE®. As a post-collegiate athlete, she understood the nuances of perfecting a skill without falling into bad habits. This understanding became instrumental when she joined her husband, Ozzie, in establishing HIT N MOVE®.

“I was never involved in the boxing world until we joined a UFC gym while living in Chicago,” recalls Alaina. “We were just looking for something to do together. We both really enjoyed it, both the sport and how we felt afterward. It’s like a chess match, and it’s very strategic.”

The Birth of HIT N MOVE®

Ozzie’s vision for HIT N MOVE® was clear from the start: “Boxing Deserves Better.” When he approached Alaina with this idea, she was immediately on board. She saw the potential and the purpose behind the venture. “There are a million boxing companies out there, but I loved his reason behind wanting to make a product,” she explains.

In Ozzie’s view, their business has a heart, a mind, and a soul. Alaina, with her marketing and PR expertise, is undoubtedly the mind of the operation. She quickly consulted on branding, website design, and other essential factors, bringing the business to life with a clear, strategic vision.

Reviving the Glory Days of Boxing Equipment

HIT N MOVE® aims to bring back the quality of boxing equipment from the 1960s and 1970s when, according to them, the industry prioritized excellence over profit. Ozzie’s commitment to producing only high quality products is unwavering. “We don’t make a product unless it is the best,” says Ozzie. “It has to be something amazing that is needed.”

Ozzie and Alaina share a vision of dedication to quality and excellence. As HIT N MOVE® continues to grow into a worldwide brand, they remain committed to improving boxing because, as they both affirm, the sport deserves it.

Alaina Akcakaya: Balancing Business and Family

Photo Courtesy: HIT N Move

Balancing Business and Family

Running a business while raising a family is no small feat, but Alaina and Ozzie manage to do it with grace and determination. Their partnership in both life and business is a powerful testament to their shared values and vision. They have built a company that strives for excellence in its products and values the athlete’s experience and user engagement.

For Alaina, the journey with HIT N MOVE® is deeply personal. She is passionate about the brand and believes in the importance of public relations and user engagement. As HIT N MOVE® becomes a global name, Alaina’s role in shaping the company’s organizational culture and public image is more crucial than ever.

Alaina Akcakaya: Balancing Business and Family

Photo Courtesy: HIT N Move

A Vision for the Future

Alaina and Ozzie’s story is one of passion, purpose, and partnership. Their journey from a casual interest in boxing to running a successful business together is inspiring. They have shown that with a clear vision and dedication, it is possible to balance professional success with personal fulfillment.

As HIT N MOVE® continues to make strides in the boxing industry, Alaina’s influence and expertise will undoubtedly play a significant role in its ongoing success. Her commitment to excellence in her professional and personal life sets a powerful example for aspiring entrepreneurs and athletes.

In the end, Alaina Akcakaya’s story is not just about running a business; it’s about building something meaningful with her partner, positively impacting the boxing community, and creating a legacy that their family can be proud of.


Published By: Aize Perez

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