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Ai Wellness Is Here & Consumers Want It All-Natural! Former NFL Player Leads the Ai Wellness Charge With Celebrities, Influencers, and “Soccer Moms”!

Ai Wellness Is Here & Consumers Want It All-Natural! Former NFL Player Leads the Ai Wellness Charge With Celebrities, Influencers, and “Soccer Moms”!
Photo Credit: Marvin Smith

By: KorporateTown (KT California™) 

The first AiWellnessGenerator™ is here

Former NFL player for the Rams and Raiders, Marvin Smith, is the first black CEO to engage Ai in the Wellness industry with high-authority medical and scientific research. KT California is a life-changing wellness and performance products company that transforms the quality of life. Alternative Wellness in food and beverages must be top-of-mind. KT creates ultra-luxe natural products for the enjoyment of the discerning consumer. TasteCalifornia™ is KT’s flagship wellness drink. It is the first all-natural, nano-infused, vitamin-enhanced, ultra-luxe “Smooth Sparkling Soda™” with an explosive and layered taste profile from nose to palate. Marvin notes: “We took our time over the pandemic to formulate the best tasting natural nano smooth sparkling soda, with Double the Flavor, Half the Sugar™.”

Consumers Want It All-Natural! Ai is about to explode in the Wellness industry. KT California knows its consumer avatar is seeking all-natural, purposeful, and organelle-like Wellness products that better support general wellness, relaxation, focus, energy, or sleep. Certain demographics report smoking less and drinking less alcohol (with an increase in non-alcoholic beverages*). The FDA issued the most significant new health warnings for (smoking) cigarettes in 35 years, effective June 18, 2021.** Not surprisingly, all-natural beverages are fast becoming the preferred segment and delivery method, including for the delivery of traditional hemp smoking products. Marvin says: “TasteCalifornia™ formulates all-natural, hemp-derived, and alternative wellness and recovery products.”

Brain Wellness & NFL Pro Football

 As a former pro football player, Marvin was involved with Dr. Daniel Amen in “...the first large-scale brain-imaging study to demonstrate significant differences consistent with a chronic brain trauma pattern in professional football players.”  

In February, the NFL announced the award of $1,000,000 for “...the effects of cannabinoids on pain management and neuroprotection from concussion in elite football players, respectively.”  Marvin says: “Wellness foods, beverages, and supplements should be considered with your medical doctor to support total body and brain wellness. This is serious stuff, so everyone should first get the advice of their medical doctor, medical researcher, and nutritionist.”

Ai Wellness Is Here & Consumers Want It All-Natural! Former NFL Player Leads the Ai Wellness Charge With Celebrities, Influencers, and “Soccer Moms”!

Photo Credit: Marvin Smith

“Ai Wellness Generator™” and the “Ai Wellness Podcast”

 KT California is creating an Ai Wellness Generator™ and Ai Wellness Podcast™ to educate the industry and consumers with medical and scientific research, wellness products, education, and awareness. Industries and their related businesses develop best when the consumers are educated. There is a public service ingredient in educating the industry and consumers because its evolution causes the development of better products, needs, and demands. When those products are the foods and beverages people consume, it’s important. It potentially informs biology and the evolution of humankind. 

Ultimately and maybe perpetually, it directs the world to the betterment of people and society.

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein: KT is proud to announce that Jonathan M. Fishbein, MD, will contribute his medical and research expertise to the KT AI Wellness Generator and Podcast. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Fishbein has a 30+ year distinguished career in clinical research at Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, the National Institute of Health (NIH), and several of the world’s largest clinical research organizations. He is the Co-Founder of Veracity, a biopharmaceutical safety informatics and analytics firm. 

https://Korporatetown.com/AiWellness  Marvin says: “KT is grateful that Dr. Jonathan Fishbein agreed to embark on this adventure with us.”

The Story

 KT California successfully tested its all-natural flagship Smooth Sparkling Soda product in 2022 and again in 2023. It sold out in a few months and garnered numerous accolades and industry acclaim. Recently, KT leveled up to the best-in-class manufacturer, distributor, and sales organization. This brings KT a vertically integrated synergy to scale up on autopilot.

Flank to the Over $200 Billion Market

 The KT consumer target avatar is present in several defined markets, the first of which KT has proven its appeal. Now, KT will flank the broader $200 billion natural or organic foods and wellness market. The growth graph for this market segment is ascending at 45 degrees. “The global organic food and beverages market size was estimated at USD 208.19 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% from 2023 to 2030.” (Grand View Research)

Ai Marketing/Timing is Everything

 AI Marketing is new and upon us. KT will use its “Ai Wellness Generator” and “Ai Wellness Podcast,” as well as its deep-niche marketing behavioral traits, to serve the education and product awareness. TasteCalifornia™ will expand with celebrity and influencer endorsements and product development, including Hemp derived and other emerging product categories.

For Product Development, Ai Wellness Generator, Podcast, Media, Investor Relations Contact: Marvin Smith, BA Psychology, MA Organizational Leadership, CEO KT California (909) 910-1529 | marvin@AiWellnessGenerator.com |  https://AiWellnessGenerator.com 

Must Read Disclaimers & Warnings: The KT AiWellnessGenerator is a new Ai research tool for general education and discussion; it is not a medical, health, or sales recommendation tool or user guide. We make no medical, health, or disease cure claims whatsoever. All users must accept such Disclaimer to use the site. All medical and research opinions are not definitive and may not be relied upon by a particular consumer, user, or patient, and such is intended only for education and discussion with your own licensed medical doctor, licensed medical researcher, and professionals as an intelligence tool. Users agree not to take any action without the prior approval and direction of their own medical doctor. * The United States’ non-alcoholic beverage industry is valued at about $760 billion as of the end of 2022. Non-alcoholic drink revenue in the US amounted to $447.38 billion in 2022. ( 15+ US Beverage Industry Statistics [2023]: Refreshing Trends, Facts, And Stats – Zippia ) ** FDA requires new health warnings for cigarette packages and advertisements | FDA

Warning: No medical, health, disease cures or opinions are made.

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