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A Woman’s Rise to CEO: Angela Burgess’s Journey

A Woman's Rise to CEO Angela Burgess's Journey
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Angela Burgess’s career trajectory is a testament to the power of embracing every opportunity that comes one’s way. Initially, her entry into wealth management was serendipitous, fueled by her public speaking prowess and bilingual capabilities, which positioned her perfectly as an institutional 401(k) enrollment specialist. It was from this unexpected beginning that Angela’s path to leadership began to take shape, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. At just 28 years old, she achieved a significant milestone by becoming an Assistant Branch Manager at Smith Barney, where she distinguished herself as the 19th woman among 220 managers and notably, the youngest.

Angela’s journey is not just a story of career advancement but also of breaking barriers and setting new standards in traditionally male-dominated fields. Her ascent in the wealth management sector is reflective of her broader commitment to leadership, characterized by a proactive and determined approach. Angela’s achievements are underpinned by a simple yet powerful philosophy: “There is no substitute for the work.”

Transitioning from wealth management to a more altruistic path, Angela took on a new challenge: empowering nonprofit organizations to overcome fundraising barriers and enhance their societal impact. As President and CEO of Broad Oaks Consulting, she leverages her extensive experience in financial services and nonprofit leadership to bridge the gap between making a profit and making a difference. Her dual expertise allows her to guide nonprofits not just to aspire to change the world but to equip them with the strategic tools to achieve it.

Broad Oaks Consulting operates on the principle that running a successful nonprofit should not be fundamentally different from running a profitable business. They offer a variety of services designed to help organizations break through to new levels of effectiveness and financial stability. These services include scheduling a complimentary consultation to identify challenges and opportunities, an online course curriculum, custom philanthropy training to foster intentional and strategic changes, and mapping out clear, actionable steps to maximize impact.

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The cornerstone of Angela’s approach is a deep understanding that leadership in the nonprofit sector can often feel like navigating without a map. She knows firsthand the frustration leaders face when they are close to a breakthrough but lack clarity on how to proceed. Her firm provides the much-needed clarity and direction, likened to a treasure map, leading nonprofits to not only envision a brighter world but to manifest it.

Under Angela’s leadership, Broad Oaks Consulting has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars, transforming the landscape for countless nonprofits and the communities they serve. Her work is a beacon for those in the philanthropic sector, illustrating that with the right guidance and resources, significant advancements are within reach.

Angela’s impact extends beyond her immediate clients. In her best selling book, “Are You on the Right Bus? Navigating Change on the Road to Success,” Angela shares her experiences openly and without reservation with the intention of inspiring readers to embrace their passions and gifts to have a greater impact.  Through active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, and through her personal and company profiles, she shares insights, celebrates milestones, and fosters a community of like-minded professionals and philanthropists. Readers can find Angela’s book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and followers can connect with Angela and Broad Oaks Consulting to learn more about their transformative work at their Instagram (Broad Oaks Consulting, Angela Burgess) and LinkedIn (Broad Oaks Consulting, Company Profile) pages, or on Facebook.

Angela Burgess’s story is one of continuous growth and adaptation. From a fortuitous start in wealth management to pioneering new strategies in philanthropic consulting, her journey illustrates that with determination, expertise, and a commitment to doing the work, it is possible to lead with impact and innovation. Her leadership not only reshapes her organization but also redefines what is possible for nonprofits striving to make a significant difference in the world.

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