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A New Chapter in Advocacy: The 2024 Miami Dade Trial Lawyers Association Gala

A New Chapter in Advocacy: The 2024 Miami Dade Trial Lawyers Association Gala
Photo Courtesy: Richard Fraginals

On the evening of February 17, 2024, the Loews Coral Gables Hotel shimmered under the starlit Miami sky, heralding an event that was set to inscribe a new chapter in the annals of legal advocacy. The Miami Dade Trial Lawyers Association (MDTLA) celebrated its annual Gala with pomp and pageantry, marking not just another year of legal accomplishments but also the ushering in of new leadership that promises to steer the association towards greater heights.

The night was especially significant for the Amanda Demanda Law Group as two of its distinguished members stepped into pivotal roles within the MDTLA’s leadership. Attorney Amanda Demanda was sworn in as Treasurer of the Executive Board, while Attorney Stacy Emas took oath as a Board Member. Their induction is emblematic of their unwavering commitment and exemplary contributions to legal advocacy and justice.

The gala was graced by luminaries from across the legal spectrum, but it was The Honorable Lourdes Simon’s address that captured the essence of the evening. As Associate Administrative Judge of the 11th Circuit Civil division, Judge Simon’s words were a beacon of wisdom and inspiration. She underscored the indispensable role of integrity and justice in law, principles that are foundational to both seasoned practitioners and those newly initiated into this noble profession.

Michael Haggard’s introduction of Pedro Echarte III, as he stepped into his role as President, highlighted not only Echarte’s commendable leadership qualities but also his deep-rooted dedication to MDTLA’s mission. This transition marked a momentous occasion for Echarte who took over from his father, Judge Pedro Echarte Jr., further cementing a legacy of service and excellence within MDTLA.

The evening wasn’t just about formalities; it was imbued with a profound sense of purpose and unity. President Echarte III extended heartfelt gratitude towards sponsors while emphasizing on the relentless work ahead to uphold MDTLA’s core mission – advocating for justice, individual rights, access to courts, education, and fostering trial advocacy.

Amidst hearty laughter and resounding applause, guests indulged in a sumptuous banquet that reflected Miami’s rich culinary diversity. The atmosphere buzzed with shared stories and aspirations as Lucy Grau alongside Miami Elite Band and DJ Ralph Sosa from Music Revolution Miami filled the air with melodies that got everyone on their feet – dancing away into the night.

Yet beyond these moments of joy lay a deeper connection among those present – united by their shared commitment toward championing justice and representing those who seek redress in their darkest hours. It’s this collective resolve that resonated through Attorney Amanda Demanda’s participation as Treasurer and Attorney Stacy Emas’ board membership – both exemplifying female empowerment within legal circles traditionally dominated by men.

As attendees bid farewell under the veil of nightfall, there lingered an unspoken acknowledgment – that nights like these are rare jewels; they’re not merely celebrations but torchbearers lighting up paths towards justice and equality.

Back at their desks at Amanda Demanda Law Group or in courtrooms advocating for clients’ rights, both Demanda and Emas carry forward this torch ignited on February 17th—a beacon guiding them in their relentless pursuit for justice. They represent what is possible when passion meets purpose; when individuals come together not just for celebratory occasions but for committing themselves anew to ideals bigger than any single entity.

As we look back on this memorable evening through snippets immortalized on [MDTLA’S YouTube channel](youtube link), it stands as a testament not only to individual achievements but more so to collective aspirations aimed at redefining advocacy—making sure it remains accessible and equitable for all.

In essence, this gala wasn’t merely about installations or speeches; it was about laying down markers for future generations – showing them how unity in diversity can transcend personal ambitions leading towards greater societal good. For Amanda Demanda Law Group—and indeed for every attendee—the MDLTA Gala will forever be remembered as a night where stars aligned not just above but among each one present there; stars who shine bright guiding lights toward righteousness.

For more insights into our journey towards making justice accessible or if you wish to learn more about our involvement with MDLTA visit us at [mdtla.com/MDTLA-Board-of-Directors](https://mdtla.com/MDTLA-Board-of-Directors).

Published by: Martin De Juan

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