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81-Year-Old Triathlete Proves Age is Just a Number: Inspiring Health, Happiness, and Active Living Across Generations

81-Year-Old Triathlete Proves Age is Just a Number: Inspiring Health, Happiness, and Active Living Across Generations
Photo Credit To: Beth Thomas - Gold and Only

According to the CDC, 6 out of 10 Americans today live with a chronic illness, and 4 out of 10 live with comorbidities. It’s obvious that living healthily in today’s world can be a challenge for many, and many of us lack the inner belief of ourselves to achieve true mastery of our health. 

As someone who’s on their own health journey, it’s always refreshing to meet people who, in the face of all odds, can cultivate and maintain flourishing health and vibrancy in the way Beth Thomas does. Beth, an 81-year-old dynamo, embodies a philosophy that resonates deeply in a society grappling with health and wellness.

Beth’s journey of health and wellness started early and has been unwavering for all her 81 years. Her life is a rich tapestry of physical activities – from hiking and biking to swimming, playing tennis, pickleball, and even scuba diving. “I have been active my entire 81 years,” she says, her voice ringing with pride and conviction. Her enthusiasm for an active lifestyle has been a guiding light for her two sons and five grandchildren, who all embrace this sports and motion lifestyle.

Beth’s philosophy is not just about physical activity; it’s a holistic approach to health, encompassing both “hearth and health.” She walks 5 miles every day, a practice that she believes is fundamental and foundational to everyone’s life. “People can do way more than they think they can,” she asserts confidently. This belief was put into action when, at the age of 70, Beth started participating in triathlons. To date, she has completed an impressive 24 triathlons, shattering the age barrier and redefining what’s possible.

Her journey is not just about physical feats. Beth represents resilience and perseverance, having managed chronic diseases, a history of lower back pain, and her share of life’s stresses and upsets. Her philosophy is simple yet powerful – “I chose motion over medicine.” This mantra has been her guiding principle, and she credits it for the miracles in her health and wellbeing. In our conversation, Beth recalls the words of a young doctor who once told her, “Listen to your own body, Beth. Do what it tells you to do next.” She took these words to heart and has since lived by them.

Beth’s mission with her work today is to empower women over 65 to take charge of their health and wellbeing. Her message is clear: “We were built to move, and our miraculous bodies were made to heal themselves when given the right environment.” She calls for a “WELL-vo-lution,” urging everyone to treat the cause of illnesses rather than just the symptoms. She advocates for getting back to basics – moving our bodies, being conscious of our diet, staying hydrated, and embracing nature and sunshine for overall well being.

Beth’s story is more than just about an active lifestyle; it’s about taking control of one’s life, irrespective of age or physical limitations. Her life and achievements are a powerful reminder that we all possess the ability to overcome challenges and lead a life of health, happiness, and fulfillment. As Beth Thomas continues to inspire and lead by example, she endlessly proves to us that age is indeed just a number.

To keep up with Beth’s walk to wellness, you can follow her on TikTok, or book a free coaching call with her for a direct dose of inspiration and motivation. 

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