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7 Reasons to Leave Tree Trimming to the Professionals

7 Reasons to Leave Tree Trimming to the Professionals
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The health and beauty of a tree can be enhanced by judicious pruning and trimming. Though a layperson can snip smaller dead or diseased branches from their tree, it’s still a good idea to let a professional arborist take care of extensive pruning, especially if the tree is large, old, or sick. Here are seven reasons why tree trimming should be left to a professional.

1. Trimming a Large Tree is Simply Dangerous for Humans

Climbing up into a tree to trim it is dangerous not only for laypersons but also for professionals. Falls from a tree are a major cause of injury for tree surgeons. Wildlife also lives high up in the trees, and some animals won’t hesitate to attack when threatened. Even an angry squirrel can startle a climber and cause them to fall

2. Trimming a Large Tree Is Also Dangerous for Property

Not only can trimming a tree be dangerous to a person, but it can also be dangerous to a structure or overhead wires. Large branches are often heavier than they look and can do quite a bit of damage. Professional arborists understand this and take precautions to avoid damage to structures when they trim a tree.

3. Professionals Know How and Where to Cut

A tree that’s trimmed or pruned incorrectly can be badly injured or even die. Professionals know how to trim a tree, where to trim it, when, and how much to trim it. Not only this, trees need to be trimmed according to their species. Indeed, individual trees that belong to the same species may need different treatment.

4. A Professional Brings the Right Equipment

A trained arborist has the right equipment needed to correctly and safely trim a tree. Some of that equipment, such as gas-powered chainsaws, are hazardous to use. Professionals not only know which equipment to use but have been trained to use it as safely as possible.

5. Professional Trimming Preserves a Tree’s Beauty

Even if a layperson trims a tree in a way that doesn’t hurt it, they might not be able to trim the tree in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing. A tree that’s trimmed to the point where it’s weird-looking or ugly may continue to grow in a way that’s off-putting. Not only this, but the way it grows may eventually sicken or damage it.

6. Professional Arborists Are Insured

A professional arborist is covered by worker’s compensation and other insurances, while a layperson isn’t. Because of this, the homeowner is not on the hook for damages if something goes awry with the trimming process. This includes injury to the worker or damage to their home.

7. Professional Arborists Save the Homeowner Money

A layperson may take on the task of trimming trees themselves, believing that it will save money. However, the layperson often finds they don’t have the right equipment and improvise in extremely dangerous ways that lead to expensive injuries or damage. In the long and short run, a professional arborist saves money.


Published By: Aize Perez

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