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Yasmeen Golden: Overcoming Cancer to Philanthropist and CEO

Yasmeen Golden: Overcoming Cancer to Philanthropist and CEO
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In a world filled with inspiring tales of courage and perseverance, Yasmeen Golden’s story shines as a remarkable testament to the human spirit and strength. A few years ago, in 2021, Yasmeen faced an unexpected and life-altering diagnosis – Diffuse B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer in her mediastinum (chest). However, what makes her journey truly exceptional is that this diagnosis came about following a horrific accident, one that should have claimed her life.

Yasmeen takes us back to that day when she was exploring the scenic landscapes of Malibu and Topanga Canyon. High up on a mountain in a remote area, she embarked on a hike that would soon turn into a life-changing experience. Recounting the incident, Yasmeen says, “I was walking to my car in a tiny three-car parking lot when suddenly, a car sped off the main road and shot through the parking lot at 45 miles per hour and hit me. My head went through the windshield, and my body flipped over the car four times before hitting the floor. The bystanders thought I was dead on impact.”

Yasmeen Golden: Overcoming Cancer to Philanthropist and CEO

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Miraculously, not only did Yasmeen survive the accident, but she made sure that was not the way she went. “Glass shards were sticking out of the back of my head,” she recalls, “and I found myself in and out of consciousness trying to instruct bystanders on CPR techniques and guiding them to retrieve medical supplies from my car to potentially save my life if the worst happened.” Upon EMS arrival, Yasmeen was rushed to a level one trauma center where they were assessing her injuries when an MRI revealed the real purpose of the accident… to save her life– what was found was a mass the size of a softball was growing in her chest and onto her heart.

After this point, Yasmeen was misdiagnosed by two doctors, and it took three months to get a proper diagnosis of  Diffuse B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Yasmeen also shared with us her diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder, PKU (Phenylketonuria), that inhibits her body’s ability to process protein properly, which has limited her protein intake to 5 grams a day since she was diagnosed at birth. When PKU is untreated, the accumulation of unbroken-down protein in the bloodstream can have irreversible mental and emotional side effects like ADD, ADHD, mental retardation, seizures, etc. 

Yasmeen does acknowledge that cancer is a complex disease with multifaceted origins that often elude a single explanation. Before her diagnosis, Yasmeen was pursuing a career in nutrition at the University of Hawaii. In 2019, she returned to California the week COVID-19 hit the United States. She started working in the hospital setting in clinical nursing. Being on the other side of healthcare as a patient was a huge shift in her perspective moving forward, which led to how she lives and works to make a positive impact on other people by working on navigating the ins and outs of the healthcare system for those who have a hard time getting the care they need. While battling her own medical challenges since birth, her background in nursing became a valuable asset.

Yasmeen’s unique dual role as both a healthcare worker and a patient allowed her to properly intervene in conversations regarding her treatment and care. She challenged medical decisions based on her gathered knowledge and experiences, ensuring that her care was always up to par. As she reflects on this experience, she shares, “There were many instances where I had to challenge medical decisions made on my behalf. These interventions were vital in keeping me alive and my ability to reach recovery.”

Yasmeen Golden: Overcoming Cancer to Philanthropist and CEO

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Amid her arduous journey with cancer, Yasmeen discovered the profound impact of having faith. COVID-19 restrictions in hospitals prevented her from physically attending support groups and having any sort of community support while going through treatment. Her faith became an unwavering source of strength in times when the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation had become unbearable, guiding her out of her darkest moments and instilling in her the deep knowing and faith that her journey had to be connected to a higher purpose witch kept her going through her darkest moments.

Once Yasmeen had miraculously reached remission and started her journey in cancer recovery from debilitating treatments she started. The cancer had changed her perspective on life entirely, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life regardless of the circumstance and how things look like they are “supposed to go.” Yasmeen notes the significance of staying well-hydrated, which was a key part of her healing, especially during her rounds of chemotherapy, and the importance of body movement and yoga. She currently consumes over a gallon of water daily, which she believes profoundly positively impacts her overall well-being.

As anyone can imagine, mental health took center stage coming out of treatment. She sought out EMDR Therapy, journaling and practicing inner work. The lessons learned from her traumatic experiences, though harsh, she remains grateful for the wisdom these experiences have had to offer at such a young age. Yasmeen will be releasing a podcast soon called “The Audacity Hour,” which will include discussions about her personal story in detail, shining light on voices from all walks of life and creating a safe space for raw authenticity.

In the name of the blessing of health and the ability to start over, Yasmeen Golden started a business and is now the CEO and founder of Wellness By YG, a coaching, consulting and advocacy business. Her focus extends to clients seeking guidance in nutrition, coaching, and one-to-one advocacy, especially for those with complex diagnoses. Her overarching mission is to equip individuals with the proper tools and knowledge needed to self-advocate effectively, take back having a say in their lives, and meet the best version of themselves sooner rather than later. Additionally, Yasmeen is in the planning stages for hosting workshops tailored to cancer survivors and those navigating metabolic issues. Her intention is to bridge the gap in the community between healthcare providers and patients, feeling like they are being properly heard and taken care of.

Yasmeen’s story stands as a testament to the unwavering resilience of transforming multiple near-death experiences- a car accident and cancer diagnosis into the establishment of a business dedicated to giving back to others by teaching them how to help themselves. Yasmeen Golden serves as an inspirational figure. Her story underscores the profound truth that, even when confronted with every human’s worst fear, “the C word,” individuals possess the capacity to find strength, resilience, and the potential to change any negative experience into something that will positively impact the world.

Website: https://www.yasmeengolden.com

Follow her on Instagram: @yazgolden and @wellnessbyyg

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