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Unveiling the Power of PR with AK Infinite: An Interview Series with Liliana Alvarez Black

Unveiling the Power of PR with AK Infinite: An Interview Series with Liliana Alvarez Black
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Public relations (PR) plays a pivotal role in shaping a company’s image and influence in a world that thrives on storytelling and connectivity. One company that has been making waves in the PR industry is AK Infinite, founded by Alexia Kaz. Their mission? To help businesses and professionals establish their authority in the market through national media publications. In this exclusive interview series, we dive deep into the essence of AK Infinite and gain insights from its dedicated team.

Passion for Helping Business Owners: An Interview with Liliana Alvarez-Black, a PR Specialist at AK Infinite

Q: Why did you join AK Infinite?

As a daughter of business owners, I understand firsthand the complexities of being one, and for me, being able to help business owners improve their online presence and credibility, and scale their businesses is very rewarding. I’m a person who likes deeply to help others, and this has allowed me to do that exactly. AK Infinite stuck out to me particularly because of their values as a business, and because of their team. I resonate very deeply with AK Infinite’s goals, which are helping others, telling stories, and building relationships.

Distinguishing AK Infinite from the PR Crowd

Q: How do you feel you differentiate ourselves from other PR agencies?

As a PR agency, we are excellent at going beyond getting a company featured on media outlets. We provide a highly customized service that helps businesses not only get featured but also get the highest ROI possible. Getting guaranteed features is just a small part of the job, and we go beyond that. We focus on businesses’ messaging, and on how to leverage their PR in the best way possible.

Delivering Value through Active Listening and Expertise

Q: How do you feel you provide value to clients?

I believe I provide value to other clients by being a very good active listener and being empathetic. I like to listen to their business needs and provide appropriate solutions according to them. Additionally, my background in business, finance, and economics, has allowed me to have a better understanding of businesses in general and provide the most appropriate recommendations.

Teamwork and Continuous Learning

O: What is the biggest misconception about PR?

One of the biggest misconceptions about PR is that it has an instant correlation between sales/revenue. That’s not necessarily the case. PR will build your credibility, authority, and brand awareness – but that is not the only way to soak value out of it. How you utilize and leverage the PR will determine the ROI you get. That’s the reason why we emphasize so much on helping you learn how to leverage the PR.

The Meaning Behind PR 

Q: What does PR mean to you?

PR means to me an opportunity to be able to tell your story while at the same time building brand awareness about your company. Both of which are extremely important. PR allows business owners to build credibility, establish authority, to drive awareness, all of which will be reflected as positives for any business. If people don’t know about you and your business – how can you grow as a company?

Q: Anything else that you’d like to add?

Being at AK8 has been an incredible journey so far. I have been able to learn so much from my team, and I’d like to believe my team has learned from me as well. We are a company that collaboratively pushes others to improve and learn every single day.


The AK Infinite team aims to change the PR game by providing value beyond media features. With a keen focus on storytelling, active listening, and a strong desire to help businesses thrive, their journey is a testament to the power of PR in building strong, lasting relationships and fostering business growth.  

To learn more about AK Infinite and get in touch with Lili about your company’s PR needs – find a time to chat with Liliana here

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