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Turning Storytelling into Empowerment: Meet Faith Abraham, The 6-Year-Old Philanthropist Making an Impact

Image commercially licensed from https://unsplash.com/photos/three-children-holding-hands-standing-on-grasses-97Rpu-UmCaY
Image commercially licensed from https://unsplash.com/photos/three-children-holding-hands-standing-on-grasses-97Rpu-UmCaY

By: Lamourie Media

At only six years old, Faith Abraham is a tour de force. Named the Go Daddy Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the award-winning author from Toronto notches countless accolades under her belt – including Success Magazine’s Women of Influence 2022. She is also a globally acknowledged philanthropist who has graced the screens of CityTV, Global News, The Financial Post, and Toronto Caribbean News among others.

Faith Abraham is not your average child. She declares herself an author, an entrepreneur, and an animal activist. Her belief that every child deserves an education and a healthy life, and her commitment to empowering women and children worldwide through her books, attests to her maturity beyond her years. Led by a strong mission to care for animals and nurture the planet for future generations, she has rightfully cemented her place in the hearts of many.

The saga of Faith is incomplete without Sparkle, her sidekick in her book series, and a constant companion. Sparkle, a lovable, special needs pup suffers from bone deformities, tummy issues, and arthritis. Yet, Sparkle brings invaluable joy to Faith’s life, turning every day into an adventure waiting to be lived.

The Faith and Sparkle book series, recommended by authors, speech therapists, and educators alike, feature Faith and Sparkle on various missions. From rescuing Grandma from a sore tummy and the dread of Brussels sprouts in “Superhero Faith”, to providing emotional support to others in “Doctor Faith”, this young author goes beyond words, encouraging emotional growth in children.

Faith extends her mission to empower children to social and cognitive development workshops. These workshops offer interactive activities intended to boost creativity and self-confidence within children, all under her watchful eye. In addition, she also conducts workshops that provide crucial mentoring to modern parents, advocating a healthier approach to raising confident and creative children. Faith’s workshops cater to not just individuals but also educational institutions and community centers.

Faith’s philanthropic ventures stretch as far as North America and Europe, raising awareness and funds for multiple charitable organizations. This young philanthropist has not only left her mark with her books but also through her tireless efforts to uplift communities and succinctly showing the world the power of kindness. Her motto emphasizes this commitment effectively—Faith believes in making generous acts of kindness within the community to help make a positive impact in the lives of others.

With accomplishments including being named Go Daddy Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Success Magazine Women of Influence 2022 winner, spotlight in Canadian SME Magazine/UPS, Brainz Magazine, and being a speaker at various conferences, her recognition is extensive.

Faith’s work extends beyond the pursuit of personal success. Her ultimate goal is to create a safe space of empowerment for parents, caregivers, and children. Under Faith and Sparkle, she strives to support animals alongside the planet. Her initiatives include a Creative Writing Workshop and a mentorship program that aids children’s emotional growth, and helping parents and caregivers guide their children to reach their utmost potential.

Faith Abraham’s message is clear. In her work, and her wholesome fascination with empowering children, supporting animals, and healing the planet, lies the secret to her success. Empowerment comes from within, and every child – our future – deserves to tap into that power, because, as Faith beautifully puts it, “an empowered child, needs an empowered caregiver.” As a philanthropist and animal activist, through her books, she continues to support education and well-being for children around the world.

Today, Faith Abraham stands as not just an author, but also an inspiration— a beacon of change and symbolizes the potential that kindness and empowerment hold for future generations.

Follow Faith and her adventures at : http://www.faithandsparklesworld.com/ 

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