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Travel With Style: A Must-have Guide for the Stylish and Adventurous

Travel With Style: A Must-have Guide for the Stylish and Adventurous
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By: Lamourie Media

Exploring new destinations is the ultimate thrill for travel enthusiasts. The glee of discovering scenic vistas, the promise of unique experiences and cultures, the flavors and aromas of unfamiliar cuisines – the allure is undeniable. However, the headache of packing often mars the excitement, leading to a travel experience that lacks the glitz and glamour it deserves.

Enter “Travel With Style,” a compelling new book by seasoned traveler and fashion enthusiast Anastasia Pash. This book is a treasure trove of fashionable wisdom and travel insights and an essential guide for those seeking to travel with confidence and grace

Anastasia Pash is a globetrotter, having lived in nine countries across four continents and visited over forty. She is also a fashion aficionada and powerhouse entrepreneur who has transformed her expertise in travel packing into this indispensable guide. Pash’s unique packing methodology, perfected after extensive travels, is meticulously broken down in her book. This strategy ensures more stress-free and fun trip preparations centered on curating fashionable and functional mini-capsules that resonate with personal style and destination attributes.

Readers will learn how to pack efficiently for a variety of climates while adapting to different cultures and effortlessly keeping their wardrobes pristine during their trip. From incorporating local fashion into your looks to integrating holiday pieces into your daily wardrobe, this book’s insights are sure to transform travel preparation woes into a period of engaging fashion exploration.

Providing a comprehensive style guide for 20 top destinations, including Bali, London, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, the Riviera Maya, and the Greek Islands, this book is a must-have for every traveler. Detailed gear and style recommendations for trips with distinct dress codes—such as skiing and safari—ensure that no traveler feels out of place during their adventure.

Anastasia draws from her vast experience living across the world and working with personal stylists to share her expertise in assembling practical and distinctive travel capsules. She says, “I’ve packed more suitcases than I can count,” and this book is a testament to that. By following her advice, readers can say goodbye to overpacking, looking like a tourist among well-dressed locals, and the anxiety of figuring out what to pack.

Anastasia’s early years were spent on a scenic Mediterranean island – the starting point of her love affair with travel and aesthetics. She pursued her studies in the UK and in southern France, soaking up the cultures, manners, and style that would later profoundly influence her packing methodologies and travel style. Following her globe-trotting corporate career based in London, Anastasia launched her travel blog, enabling her to work with renowned brands and explore the world’s most exclusive locations.

Taking a leap of faith in 2017, she moved to Mozambique to volunteer at a marine conservation foundation, marking a transformative phase in her life. The value shift Anastasia experienced during her life in Africa furthered her distaste for fast fashion and led her to appreciate luxury items. The journey of self-discovery and cultural assimilation continued even during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, as she moved to Barcelona and later launched Globetrotter VR, a virtual travel platform that helped grounded globetrotters continue their worldly exploration.

Her current Dubai residence offers a panoramic view of the serene greenery of the Golden Mile Park on Palm Jumeirah. From this location, Anastasia continues to push boundaries  with Soulbridge Co., a platform seeking to build a community of entrepreneurs and busy individuals who seek to lead happier and more balanced lives. Anastasia’s ventures are all underpinned by her values of adventure, authenticity, and freedom, making “Travel With Style” more than just a book but a manifesto of a meaningful and connected travel-life balance. 

She says, “I hope that the insights I share in this book will help you have more meaningful and connecting travel experiences.”

“Travel With Style” redefines the intersection of fashion and travel, creating a unique space where wanderlust meets style sensitivity. It empowers women to pack effortlessly for their trips and look their best wherever they go, ensuring they add to the rich tapestry of their destination with their remarkable style.

“Travel With Style” is available in paperback and e-book format on Amazon. To learn more about the book, you can visit the website travelwithstyle.co and you can also follow Anastasia on her social media platforms Instagram (www.instagram.com/nastasiapash and www.instagram.com/travelwithstylebook/) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/anastasia-pash/).

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