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Transform Relationships that No Longer Serve You – Kathryne Mejia Reveals How

Transform Relationships that No Longer Serve You - Kathryne Mejia Reveals How
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Letting go with grace and navigating changes in your life can be challenging. Self-empowerment coach Kathryne Mejias, creator of Born For More, shares valuable insights on moving forward with confidence and positivity. Kathryne Mejias began her career transforming and uplifting women through fashion and beauty. She now focuses on helping women transform from within by strengthening their confidence and sense of purpose. Her own personal story is a testament to the fact that true authenticity helps you achieve your dreams in all areas of your life. Let’s dive into some questions to highlight some of the key strategies for gaining clarity in your relationships, moving forward, and living your best authentic life.

What are some signs that a relationship no longer serves you, and how can you turn things around before it’s too late?

Identifying relationships that need transformation is a process that can take time, mindfulness and reflection. Understanding boundaries and how to set and maintain them in all types of relationships is an important skill to harness. If you feel that your boundaries are not being respected, this may signal a need to reassess the relationship and be assertive in your needs. Don’t be afraid to put your needs first or worry about disappointing others.

Healthy communication is another important skill to have on both ends. Honesty, respect, and loyalty are key. Look for resources to help guide you in the right direction, such as improving communication skills, learning to recognize old patterns that aren’t working for you, and even trying new methods of communication, such as writing down what you want to say.

Maintain your independence – relying on one person to be your everything is a sure way to set things down the wrong path in a relationship. Be sure to make time for friendships, hobbies, and enjoying things you love or even trying new things. Step outside your comfort zone and create space for new friendships and experiences. Brush up on your small talk to help you make new connections in your daily life and feel a sense of community. A fulfilled life creates opportunities for sharing joy, light and passion with your loved one, a wonderful ingredient for a healthy relationship.

Transform Relationships that No Longer Serve You - Kathryne Mejia Reveals How

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Do you have advice on the big challenges like lack of trust and respect in a relationship?

It can feel like hope is running dry when we hit some of the bigger roadblocks in a relationship. Trust and transparency are necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. Developing healthy communication will help build a sense of safety that allows space for truthfulness. Have you ever been afraid to say what you really mean because you feared judgment or a negative reaction? Having respect both ways will allow honesty and openness to flow through the relationship.

Feeling a lack of respect in your relationship? A great way to rekindle respect is to have gratitude for the other person. Try a gratitude journal – look at points throughout the day when you felt grateful for them for being who they are, their positive actions and their unique traits. Doing this daily for a few weeks can help mend resentment and distance and create a healthy habit of positive thinking.

How do you move on from relationships that are no longer working for you and avoid repeating the past?

Accepting what you cannot change is the first step in moving forward. Acknowledge that you tried your best and gave it your all and that new and better things are ahead. Prioritize your self-care in the coming weeks – spend time outdoors, practice mindfulness, and care for your physical well-being.

Remember to establish clear boundaries at the start of any new relationship. Think about what is most important to you, what you require from others, and what emotional space you need in the beginning.

You can seek support from friends, family, and a self-empowerment coach who can help you create a path for a purposeful future. Having a positive outlook and tapping into helpful resources can set the stage for a wonderful new beginning.

Transform Relationships that No Longer Serve You - Kathryne Mejia Reveals How

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Why do some people keep attracting the same type of relationship partners?

Remember, relationships are a direct reflection of your inner being. Make sure you look at what you did not like within the relationship and see what patterns within you attracted this person to you. For example, if you have low self-worth, then chances are you will attract someone who validates that feeling within you. So before jumping into another relationship, make sure you look at your own patterns and shift your limiting beliefs about yourself. So that the next relationship you attract will be in full alignment with this new version of yourself.

Kathryne Mejias reminds us that embracing our authentic selves will attract the right people and opportunities into our lives. Through Born For More, she addresses the growing demand for wellness, mental well-being, and personal growth in today’s society. Kathryne Mejias creates a community of fearless womens through her Born For More events. Her self-published book, “Born For More,” her “All Access” online program, and 1:1 sessions will help you ignite that inner spark to begin personal transformation.

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