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The State of Foster Care During the Holidays: A Crisis Unseen

The State of Foster Care During the Holidays: A Crisis Unseen
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By: Nicolette Moore

Opening: A Holiday Crisis Behind Closed Doors

As festive decorations go up and families gather to celebrate, there’s a hidden crisis in our midst. The holiday season, often a time of joy and reunion, casts a different shadow over the foster care system, revealing profound challenges and unmet needs of countless foster children.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Foster Care

Post-COVID, the number of licensed foster families has dramatically dropped. Concerns about health and economic stability have made an already challenging situation more dire. Children in the foster system, more than ever, face the risk of spending their holidays in transient or inadequate care.

Introducing Sharon Dunlevy: Advocate for Foster Children

In these trying times, the work of Sharon Dunlevy, a passionate advocate for foster and adoptive parenting, becomes ever more vital. Sharon’s mission is to shed light on the unseen struggles of foster children and mobilize support to address these urgent needs. Her work inside of “Foster Care Training Today” is geared toward providing resources, training, and support to foster families so they can thrive during every season. 

A Startling Reality: Foster Care Statistics

The statistics paint a stark picture. The decrease in foster family licensing, combined with ongoing health concerns and economic pressures, means that many children in the foster care system face even greater instability. “We’re seeing an unprecedented strain on the system,” Sharon points out, “and it’s the children who suffer the most during the holidays.”

Foster Care and Financial Strains

Sharon highlights another significant issue: the financial strain on foster families. In some states, the cost of living and care for a foster child far outstrips the provided assistance. “Being a foster parent is incredibly rewarding, but it shouldn’t be a financial burden,” Sharon asserts. She advocates for legislative changes to improve support for foster families.

Sharon also emphasizes the importance of kinship care and community support. “When possible, placing children with relatives can offer greater stability,” she explains. Moreover, her work includes building networks among families, agencies, and communities to create a supportive environment for foster children.

How You Can Make a Difference

This holiday season, Sharon encourages the public to take actionable steps. Donating to foster care agencies, supporting legislative reforms, or considering becoming a foster parent can make a real difference. Even spreading awareness about these challenges can lead to positive changes. You can find many resources at ChildWelfare.gov for your local area.

Conclusion: A Time for Action and Compassion

The holiday season should remind us of the importance of family and community. By understanding the challenges faced by foster children, as highlighted by Sharon Dunlevy, we can take steps to ensure that the spirit of the season reaches every child. Your involvement, whether through advocacy, donation, or volunteering, can help bring stability and joy to the lives of children in foster care, making the holidays a time of hope and celebration for all.

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