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The Secret Behind a Woman’s Confidence: RSlim Therapy NYC

The Secret Behind a Woman’s Confidence: RSlim Therapy NYC
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It’s no secret that the beauty industry has many layers to it and often comes in both positive and negative hues. Some women feel they need to explain why they want to keep up certain appearances in a world where body confidence and empowered self-esteem are on the rise but the simple fact is… they shouldn’t have to.

Beauty should always be about the power of choice— and the No.1 goal of beauty and wellness companies should ensure that when that choice is made, it yields the results a woman wants and ultimately deserves.

That is where brands and game-changers like RSlim Therapy NYC come in. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

There are countless companies out there that sell promises to women, but their results are less than fulfilling especially when it comes to one particular side of the industry: weight loss.

A recent study has shown that 69% of women reported that they wanted to lose weight, but finding the right source for doing so is no simple task.

Indeed, weight is often a major factor in both a woman’s health and her self-esteem and weight loss is promised by many companies whether it be through pills, work-outs, life coaching or certain nutritional guidance; however, many find themselves at a loss for results rather than their goal. Ukrainian massage therapist, entrepreneur and Massage World Cup 2021 competitor, Inna Troutovski, wants to change that.

And the best part? Her therapy works. 

Indeed, Troutovski opened a beauty technology studio, RSlim Therapy NYC, that transforms the body and mind and allows clients to feel confident in their skin. The studio offers clients 

a manual anti-cellulite massage, a special technique developed by Troutovski herself, that yields results comparable to the effect of injection cosmetology or plastic surgery.

This massage is ultimately called STYX whiskey swaddling and serves clients as a natural cosmetic wrap made with natural cosmetics from Austria. Troutovski’s studio is one of the select few in the country that offers such a special service. 

“What makes this procedure so unique is that not only are 98% of customers guaranteed to lose 10-15 pounds within one month— depending on body time and metabolism— but also, all customers feel healthier, younger and much more energized by the end of the 90-minute session,” Troutovski explained. “The results always leave women feeling refreshed and confident, and my studio prides itself on 100% quality guaranteed.”

A Novelty in Beauty Technology 

The procedure itself is called “whiskey” due to its unique composition and ability to restore hormones to the skin. When the hormones are restored, women find that they look younger and their body looks much healthier. To this end, the STYX cosmetics are applied to the client’s body in several stages during their swaddling and they are chosen by the client ahead of the service.

This type of beauty technology is breaking new ground because it serves the body as though a client has worked out at the gym for a long period of time. Often, clients have reported that post-procedure, their skin is tightened and their energy is up and they feel as though they had an intense gym work-out.

At the end of the day, over 1,000 women have already lost weight due to the procedures and massages offered by RSlim Therapy NYC and more continue to come in each day for consultations.

If you’d like to see the results for yourself, be sure to check out the before and afters of many clients posted to the site. The company’s Instagram page is also an excellent source to take a look through the various services and their results for women just like you!

“I love to meet women from all walks of life who come in and treat themselves to the self-care they deserve,”  Troutovski said, smiling. “Not everyone is comfortable with plastic surgery and not everyone has the time to intensely work out at the gym— I’m here to help women meet their weight loss goals through a seamless beauty technology experience. I believe this is the future and I am committed to each and every client who comes in.”

If you’d like to learn more or book a consultation, be sure to visit https://rslimtherapynyc.site/ today. 

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