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Raised Some Hell in Me: A Vivid Ballad of Love and Resilience by Pamela Hopkins

Image commercially licensed from https://unsplash.com/photos/silhouette-of-persons-hands-forming-heart-2PODhmrvLik
Image commercially licensed from https://unsplash.com/photos/silhouette-of-persons-hands-forming-heart-2PODhmrvLik

Following the success of her highly acclaimed single, “I Love You Most,” Little Rock, Arkansas sensation Pamela Hopkins released her latest, highly emotive single, “Raised Some Hell in Me.” With five #1 international iTunes hits under her belt and over 1.5 million streams on Spotify, Hopkins shows no signs of slowing down. Her new tune, heartfelt and passionate, spins the tale of her late father and his significant influence on her life.

“Raised Some Hell in Me,” penned by Hopkins in collaboration with Dave Lenahan and Melissa Leigh Johnson, was recorded at the renowned Direct Image Studio in Nashville, TN, and refined under the expert hand of producer Kenny Royster. The track vibrates with heartfelt affection and pays an infused tribute to her father, a man depicted as having a huge persona with a rough-around-the-edges charm. Hopkins’ rendition is one of raw ingredients; it is an unpretentious tribute that leaves listeners reflecting on their narratives, their own relationships, and the people who have influenced their character.

Pamela Hopkins once again showcases the might of her voice, equal parts soulful and fierce, traversing the emotional landscape of her connection to her father. Her latest track offers a courageous exploration of love, grief, resilience, and the ever-enduring influence of family. “Raised Some Hell in Me”— is more than just a song; it’s a story told with raw sincerity, laden with profound emotion and respect, and tempered with a dose of rough-and-tumble fearlessness.

“I grew up fighting, whooping ass, just like my dad/People wondered how such a good girl could learn to be so bad/I could walk the walk, I could talk the talk, I did it every day/I was just as tough as my old man, that’s what everybody’d say.” Hopkins recounts, framing her father’s influence on her life in both personality and mannerisms. 

As a powerful testament to a father’s love and influence, “Raised Some Hell in Me” reverberates with anyone who’s been on the receiving end of a parent’s unconditional love and guidance. It serves as a reminder that even in the absence of their physical presence, the influence of parents lingers throughout their children’s lives, shaping their day-to-day living and forming an essential part of who they are.

On the creation of this emotive and soul-touching single, Hopkins comments, “This is a story about me and my daddy. My dad was a little, for lack of a better word, ‘rough around the edges.’ I thought I would write a song about him and how he influenced me as a person, rough edges and all. I wanted a blues-country, heavy rock-influenced type of vibe, and in my humble opinion, I think we nailed it. So, if you had a father that is, or was, a little on the dangerous side, then I’m sure you’ll relate.”

Indeed, with its rock-tinged country-blues flavor, “Raised Some Hell in Me” effortlessly captures the big-hearted spirit of Hopkins’ larger-than-life father while also casting light on the incredible influence he had on her. It’s a touching testament to a daughter’s love, wrapped in riveting melodies and passionate vocals.

With a reputation that continues to rise, Pamela Hopkins has carved out a unique niche in the music landscape. Her latest single, “Raised Some Hell in Me,” is not just a song; it’s a soul-bearing, emotively charged anthem that tells a deeply intimate story of a father and daughter, resonating far beyond its melodic notes. This riveting tribute stands as a lasting echo of a father’s influence, an enduring lullaby for a lost parent, and an emotional memoir for audiences around the world to connect with.

Visit her official website, www.pamelahopkinsmusic.com, to keep up with the latest news, tour information, and exclusive features. With “Raised Some Hell in Me,” Pamela Hopkins continues to create music that inspires, resonates, and leaves listeners eager for her next release.

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