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Leezy’s Rise to Entrepreneurial Success: A Journey Sparked by Determination and Faith

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By: Ivy June

From the warm-hearted reception desk at a bustling hotel to the helm of her own business, Luxury Booking, Leezy’s entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of inspiring. The aim of Luxury Booking isn’t merely to provide clients with the best prices for their video production needs, but to offer them a holistic experience complete with models and perfectly suited motor vehicles. At its core, it’s a tale of ambition, calculated risks, and committed service to its clientele.

As a former casting director in the modeling industry, Leezy was no stranger to matching faces to scripts. Observing a demand for location cars during her time as a director, she identified a gap in the market. With a deft combination of initiative and insight, she expanded her services to include not just the provision of rental cars, but also model booking for video shoots.

Leezy’s journey is more than just that of a businesswoman. Born in French Guyana and having lived in Paris for over a decade, she is a French woman of black descent, striving to make a mark in the world of entrepreneurship. Her cultural background is not just a talking point for her; it serves as a depository of inspiration, fueling her drive to succeed. The faith and determination that Leezy brings to the entrepreneurial table sends out a powerful message – success is not dictated by one’s roots, but by one’s resolve.


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Passionate about leaving her clients satisfied, Leezy is driven by the positive reviews she receives. She takes pride in her exceptional levels of service and continually aims to surpass her client’s expectations. She understands that in the competitive arena of business, building a reputable brand is key, and satisfied clients are the bedrock of that success.

Juggling entrepreneurial duties with motherhood, Leezy recognizes that maintaining this equilibrium between her work and family is no mean feat. However, she places significant emphasis on self-care, drawing strength from her daily workout regimen. As she puts it, “I workout every day. I think it helps me mentally and physically. I’m a mother raising two kids and two boys. So when I workout, it is the only time I get to myself. I need to recharge my energy, and I also have a goal to gain muscle. I’m gonna say it is my therapy.”

Leezy’s story is a testament to her unwavering determination, reminding aspiring entrepreneurs that success may not happen overnight, but with time, patience, and unwavering resolve, it is attainable. She stands tall as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that anybody can reach their dreams irrespective of their background.

Today, Leezy is the adept entrepreneur at the helm of Luxury Booking, checking off her clients’ specific needs and ensuring they receive the best service they could ask for in the video production industry. But she isn’t just a successful businesswoman; she’s a cultural icon, a doting mother, and a fitness enthusiast – living proof that with steely determination and faith, hurdles can turn into stepping stones, propelling you toward success.


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Her tale is a testament to having the determination to convert one’s dreams into reality, an anthem of hope to those who are struggling against the odds. Leezy’s journey is a living illustration that success is not necessarily defined by where one comes from or the challenges they face, but rather, by the strength of one’s dreams and the courage to pursue them relentlessly.

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