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Julanne Dalke: The Voyager of Bliss and Creativity

Julanne Dalke: The Voyager of Bliss and Creativity
Photo Credit To: Julanne Dalke

By: Anita Murphy

In the heart of Arizona, where the sun casts an eternal glow over treeless mountains and the sky alternates between a serene blue and the fiery hues of sunrise and sunset, resides a woman who personifies the art of living – Julanne Dalke.

With a life that reads like a melody of bliss and creativity, Julanne has become a beacon of inspiration. She is a journal enthusiast, whose love for writing has filled her bookshelves with hundreds of journals, each a testament to her journey. Her passion for the written word has not gone unnoticed; she’s a published author many times over, delving into spiritual principles with a grace that’s both profound and accessible.

Her latest venture, a chapter in the enchanting compilation The Imaginist, Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folklore, showcases her unique talent for weaving the mystical with the everyday. And come early 2024, readers can anticipate 365 Days of Gratitude, a new release that promises to be a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Julanne’s life philosophy is as captivating as her writing. She embodies the essence of joy and autonomy, embracing happiness as a personal responsibility and attracting it effortlessly. Her health is excellent, her friendships strong, and her family ties even stronger. She’s a person who effortlessly draws others in, her aura one of warmth and inclusivity.

This remarkable woman calls Arizona her home, a place where nature’s majesty is an everyday reality. She’s happily married to Jerry, a man who not only cherishes her but also teaches her invaluable lessons in patience, understanding, and the art of quietude.

Nature and birds hold a special place in Julanne’s heart. Her backyard, a sanctuary for these feathered friends, reflects her incredible sense of space and order. Everything in her life has its place, adhering to her mantra: if it’s not useful and beautiful, it has no place in her world.

But it’s not just her immediate surroundings that capture Julanne’s fascination. Her sensitivity to movement and sound shapes her world in unique ways. Loud noises, from popping balloons to roaring engines, are not to her liking, yet this sensitivity is also what makes her so attuned to the subtleties of life.

She’s the epitome of ease and cheerfulness, with an innate ability to see the brighter side of life. Julanne is a lifelong student, continually nurturing her mind and body with exercise and hydration and finding joy in solitude as much as in company.

Her spontaneity and responsibility are perfectly balanced. Whether traveling by car to admire the landscapes or indulging in her passion for photography and painting, Julanne is always creating, always exploring. Her creativity extends to crafts of all kinds, a reflection of her vibrant spirit.

Julanne’s love doesn’t just radiate towards her hobbies but also towards her family. She deeply cherishes her children and her eight grandchildren, with whom she spends delightful summers in Oregon, engaging in activities that knit the family closer together.

Her home, a harmonious blend of new and previously owned artifacts, mirrors her personality – colorful yet neutral, rich in textures and weaves. Every corner of her abode reflects her appreciation for beauty, both in utility and aesthetics.

A natural facilitator, Julanne excels as both a teacher and a student. Her ability to take charge while making others feel valued is a rare gift. She is soothing yet mentally robust, a woman of faith and conviction, believing firmly in the boundlessness of possibilities.

Despite her numerous public speaking awards, she finds her true voice in leading guided meditations, crafting affirmations that resonate with her audience. Her approach to exercise is conservative yet effective, favoring walks over more extreme activities.

A culinary enthusiast, Julanne delights in the simplicity of chopping vegetables and the freshness of seafood, though she humorously admits to her baking challenges.

Her loyalty is fierce, and she does not tolerate betrayal, embodying a spirit that is both youthful and energetic. Julanne lives her life as a testament to divine supply, fearlessly embracing every day as an opportunity for new experiences and joy.

In essence, Julanne Dalke is not just a writer, a lover of nature, or a family woman. She is a spirit experiencing humanity, a voyager of bliss who turns every day into an exploration of the vast and beautiful possibilities of life.

Julanne Dalke: The Voyager of Bliss and Creativity

Photo Credit To: Julanne Dalke

Julanne Dalke is a professional voice actor, writer, painter, and meditative studies class facilitator. She holds certificates of education in the fields of mediation, writing and public speaking. She writes, directs, records, edits and submits audio recordings for a weekly radio show for Recreational Reading for the Blind, and holds a certificate of over 5,000 hours from Katie Hobbs, Governor of Arizona for outstanding service. She is a contributor to the book The Imaginist, Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folklore

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