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Joanna Butenschoen: A Model of Faith and Empowerment This Holiday Season

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By: Nicolette Moore

Joanna Butenschoen’s journey to winning the Voice of Purpose (Voice of Purpose) speaking competition is a powerful narrative of resilience, faith, and generosity. It’s more than a personal triumph; it’s an inspiring testament to the impact of one’s voice. As we explore her story, we find a blend of courage, empathy, and the spirit of giving, deeply resonant during the holiday season and beyond.

Joanna’s Path to Empowerment

Joanna’s ascent to the Voice of Purpose victory was marked by self-doubt and introspection. Initially unsure about the relevance of her story, she discovered the immense power it held to motivate and uplift others. This realization led to a transformation from a teacher to an inspirational figure on stage. Joanna’s experience underlines an important life lesson: “Our most profound strengths often lie hidden beneath our uncertainties.” Her victory at Voice of Purpose is an inspiration, highlighting how sharing personal vulnerabilities can be a source of immense strength and connection.

Her winning speech, “Your Voice Matters,” epitomizes this message. It underscores a crucial life lesson: the significance of one’s voice in creating change, big or small. Joanna’s journey encourages others to embrace their stories, however ordinary they may seem, for their inherent power to inspire and connect.

Holiday Spirit and the Art of Giving

Joanna’s spirit of generosity shines brightest during the holiday season. Together with her husband, they annually adopt a local family, providing a Christmas experience filled with joy and warmth. This tradition stems from her own experiences of lean Christmases and is a living example of her belief in the reciprocity of blessings. Her Voice of Purpose win during this season accentuates her commitment to using her voice as a gift to others.

This practice of generosity is a practical application of one of Joanna’s core teachings: “As we are blessed, we must bless others.” Her approach to the holidays is a reflection of her life’s philosophy, mirroring her dedication to uplifting and empowering those around her through actions as well as words.

Empowerment Through Faith and Speaking

Joanna is not just a speaker; she’s a Kingdom Coach, guiding others to empowerment through faith. Her talks and workshops, like “According to Abba” and “The Power of ‘I Am’,” are life-changing experiences that encourage participants to explore and embrace their identity in faith. Joanna’s unique blend of motivational storytelling and practical strategies deeply resonates with her audience, turning inspiration into actionable change.

Here are three key life lessons her work imparts:

  1. Embrace Your Unique Story: Your personal journey, with all its ups and downs, is a powerful tool for connection and inspiration.
  2. The Power of Positive Self-Talk: How you speak about yourself shapes your identity and outlook. Aligning your self-talk with your faith and true identity can lead to profound personal transformation.
  3. Boldness in Faith: Stepping out in faith, even amidst doubt, can lead to unexpected and rewarding paths.

Joanna’s story stands as a beacon of hope, courage, and kindness. Her journey from doubt to being a celebrated speaker and coach illustrates the profound impact of embracing and sharing one’s voice.

Connect with Joanna Butenschoen to unlock the potential of your story and the power of your voice. Visit http://www.joannabutenschoen.com to begin a journey of faith, empowerment, and transformation. Let this holiday season mark the start of discovering and sharing your unique voice with the world under Joanna’s guidance.

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