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Ianthe Mauro: A Remarkable Entrepreneur’s Journey to Empowerment and Giving Back

Ianthe Mauro: A Remarkable Entrepreneur's Journey to Empowerment and Giving Back
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In the world of entrepreneurship, stories of individuals who overcome personal challenges, discover their true calling, and ultimately give back to the community are truly inspiring. Ianthe Mauro’s journey is one such story. From her early days as a creative child to her success as an actress and stylist for a photographer, Ianthe’s path led her to entrepreneurship, where she not only found success but also a deep sense of purpose. In this article, we’ll revisit the remarkable journey of Ianthe Mauro, highlighting the key moments that shaped her life and the impactful decisions she made along the way.

Ianthe Mauro was born into an artistic family, surrounded by the creative energy of her parents. Her mother, a choreographer, and her father, a composer, instilled in her the importance of storytelling and the belief that everything in life is part of a larger narrative. This upbringing laid the foundation for Ianthe’s entrepreneurial spirit and her unique approach to creating and selling products.

Ianthe’s early career saw her donning various roles, from actress to stylist and photographer. However, she yearned for something more fulfilling. She desired to create a tangible product that would allow her to share her passion and stories with the world. It was during a challenging period marked by a divorce and a battle with Graves disease that she had an epiphany. Ianthe realized that her love for candles, combined with her commitment to a healthier lifestyle, could serve as the cornerstone of her entrepreneurial journey.

Candles played a pivotal role throughout this journey, offering solace and sparking inspiration. Ianthe realized that her love for candles, combined with her commitment to a healthier lifestyle, could serve as the cornerstone of her entrepreneurial journey. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for her to realize that the candles she had been lighting were harmful and exacerbating her autoimmune condition. This awakening compelled her to actively search for cleaner and safer alternatives.

“Daily I was lighting candles every day to set an intention pondering upon my calling? What was my purpose, and how would that then sustain my children and create stability for us? I would set this intention for my health for my children’s health and safety for my well being and healing and what would be next for me and as I did this, I found out the candles that I was lighting were toxic, and they were probably contributing to my autoimmune disease,” she explained. She said, “I didn’t want them around my children or my dog. And I started to get really frustrated because I also couldn’t imagine a life without lighting candles that smell good and beautiful in my home. I always loved that.”

In 2009, Ianthe Mauro launched “Objects with Purpose,” her candle brand. Her goal was clear: to create candles that were not only beautiful and fragrant but also free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Each candle was a unique story, a reflection of her passion for storytelling and her commitment to providing a clean and safe product. Ianthe’s candles gained popularity, gracing the shelves of over 200 stores across the United States and expanding to international markets like Japan, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

As her candle business thrived, Ianthe’s heart led her in a different direction. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 presented her with a unique challenge. The closure of stores threatened her business, but she saw an opportunity to make a difference. Ianthe began coaching and mentoring hundreds of women, teaching them the art of candle making and entrepreneurship. Her knowledge and generosity helped numerous women kickstart their entrepreneurial journeys during a time of uncertainty.

Ianthe Mauro: A Remarkable Entrepreneur's Journey to Empowerment and Giving Back

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Over time, Ianthe’s passion for coaching and empowering others grew stronger. She recognized that her true calling lay in supporting and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. Ianthe officially became a certified coach and founded the Circle of Support Group, a community of individuals and small business owners united by a shared purpose. Her vision extended beyond coaching, as she aspired to create a nonprofit organization that would support single mothers in their pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams.

Ianthe Mauro’s journey from a creative upbringing to a thriving entrepreneur and coach is a testament to the power of following one’s heart and staying true to one’s values. Her story is an inspiration to all who aspire to embrace their passions, create with purpose, and give back to their communities. As Ianthe continues to empower individuals through coaching and community building, her legacy of love, support, and entrepreneurship will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the lives of those she touches.

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