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From Pageant Crowns to Real Estate Investment: The Success Story of Miss World America, Monica English

From Pageant Crowns to Real Estate Investment: The Success Story of Miss World America, Monica English
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Monica English’s journey is an admirable tale of resilience, marked by victories in beauty pageants and the entrepreneurial world. From the tender age of eight, Monica has been no stranger to spotlight and fervor. The victory as a young Little Miss Hughes Elizabeth Lakes ignited a lifelong passion for pageantry in her heart, a flame that still burns brightly. Besides the pageantry world, Monica quickly developed a niche in entrepreneurship during her college years, paving the way for her distinct career path.

In the world of pageants, Monica moved from strength to strength. Monica’s teenage years saw her bagging the title of Miss Quartz Hill, stoking her ambition even further. Participating in numerous pageants honed her skills, built her confidence, and provided her with a platform to interact and build relationships with women from various walks of life. This journey in pageantry proved to be much more than merely a showcase of talent. Indeed, it laid the foundation of real-life skills that would later segue into her entrepreneurial ventures.

As a student at UC Irvine, her entrepreneurial side began to unfurl with an investment in the real estate business at the age of 18. Starting from scratch and working her way upwards, Monica gradually expanded her portfolio and successfully relocated her properties to Michigan. She is presently in the process of selling them.

Her entrepreneurship forte was not confined to the realm of real estate alone. Monica launched her coaching business, where she shared her expertise with aspiring models and pageant participants. She attained immeasurable leadership experience while helping others to realize their dreams. Her entrepreneurial streak continued to broaden and expand with pursuits in Airbnb and obtaining her real estate license.

However, the road to success was not easy for Monica. Foster care, extreme poverty, and even homelessness were significant obstacles on her journey. But her unwavering determination and strength made her overcome these hurdles.

Adversities did not dampen Monica’s spirit. The support from her family and partner keeps her motivated. She has a clear vision for her future and is passionate about making a difference in others’ lives. Undeterred by the challenges, Monica is currently engaged in multiple projects and tirelessly strives for a continual surge in her career growth. She was formerly Miss California Regency International and most recently earned the title of Miss World America.

Monica stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for those who have had similar experiences. She firmly believes her past struggles shaped her into the strong, compassionate leader she is today. She embodies her belief, “Follow your purpose and build the support system. I think that one of the most important things is to invest in mentorship and in your future. And start even when you’re not ready”.

Overcoming hardships and emerging even more robust is the crux of Monica English’s story. Her journey, from the stage of beauty pageants to the world of real estate, exemplifies the power of passion, determination, and hard work. Monica’s tale echoes the significance of embracing difficulties, finding motivation amidst adversities, and continually seeking personal and professional growth.

From Pageant Crowns to Real Estate Investment: The Success Story of Miss World America, Monica English

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Monica’s remarkable journey serves as a wellspring of inspiration for many. Her life demonstrates the potential of determination, resilience, and an untiring quest for passion. She says, “From someone who was formerly homeless temporarily, I hope to help others achieve their homeownership goals and make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Her journey proves to those facing various challenges; it is indeed possible to rise, prosper, and shine. 

Monica English is a testament to triumph, an inspiration for many. Her journey is a remarkable example of what one can achieve through sheer will and determination. Her tale truly embodies the spirit of resilience and success.

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