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DJ Colleen Shannon announces the release of ‘I Am DJ Boy’ a Children’s Book to Inspire Music

DJ Colleen Shannon announces the release of 'I Am DJ Boy' a Children's Book to Inspire Music
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World-renowned DJ Colleen Shannon takes a melodious leap into the publishing scene with her enchanting new children’s book, “I Am DJ Boy,” published by Balboa Press. Marking her entry into the realm of children’s literature, Shannon harnesses her profound love for music, aiming to inspire the next generation of melody makers and music enthusiasts. DJ Boy reigns supreme in the realm of beats, harmony, and tunes. A character who embodies the passionate spirit of music, DJ Boy is a symbol of Shannon’s ambition. His story unfolds over the vibrantly illustrated pages of the 28-page musical adventure that comes in hardcover, softcover, and e-book formats, available for music and book lovers to explore on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

DJ Boy’s life revolves around music. From dawn to dusk, he immerses himself in composing entrancing sounds that liven up the world around him. Under his parents’ watchful and supportive gaze, DJ Boy learns how music serves as a universal language, bridging gaps and uniting people from diverse backgrounds. He dreams of a world echoing with beats and melodies, a dream that resonates with Shannon’s vision for our global community. With an estimated 56,000 DJs across the globe and millions of music fans, DJs have rapidly emerged as the new-age rock stars. Music transcends cultural and racial divides, bringing people together as few other crafts can. “I Am DJ Boy” introduces this magical world to children in a fun and engaging way, teaching them about notes and rhythms while inspiring them to follow their dreams.

Shannon, who is also a mother to two young boys, realized the absence of children’s literature, focusing on cultivating a love for music. Determined to fill this gap, she channeled her passions and expertise into creating “I Am DJ Boy.” The book, besides being a tribute to DJs’ artistry, serves as a guide for young minds to navigate their musical journey. When asked about her aspirations for the readers of “I Am DJ Boy,” Shannon emphasized her desire for children to understand the joy of pursuing one’s passions. “I want them to take away the feeling of chasing their dreams. Most importantly, do what makes them happy,” she voiced. The core essence of “I Am DJ Boy” lies not just in teaching kids about music or promoting the DJ-ing profession but in instilling the importance of passion. The book entices its young readers to chase their allure, whether it’s music or any other path they yearn to follow. Shannon’s dynamic shift from the turntables to the world of children’s literature showcases her versatility as an artist. 

It also speaks volumes about her undying love for music and her endeavor to share this passion with the world.

“I Am DJ Boy” is more than just a children’s book; it’s an innovative roadmap to cultivating a love for music in children. Celebrating the joy of melodies and rhythms encourages kids to fearlessly embrace their passions. Through DJ Boy’s magical musical journey, Shannon hopes to inspire a whole new generation to take up the mantle of creating beautiful music for the world to enjoy and treasure.

This enchanting storybook carries a noteworthy message of following one’s passion and the universal language that music offers to adoring readers around the globe. Step into the rhythm-filled world of DJ Boy, which echoes Shannon’s love for music and her vision of unifying humanity through the magical strings of melody.

For those interested in embarking on this musical adventure with DJ Boy, “I Am DJ Boy” can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through the website:






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