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Dancing For The Survivors: A Night of Hope and Healing

Dancing For The Survivors
Photo Credit To: PINKFUND.ORG

Breast cancer is a formidable adversary, challenging the strength and resilience of countless women and their families. It not only takes a toll on physical health but can also devastate financial well-being. In the face of this daunting battle, the Pink Fund, a nonprofit organization founded by breast cancer survivor Molly MacDonald, has been a beacon of hope and support. This explores the heartwarming return of their signature event, “Dancing For The Survivors®,” set to take place on October 13th at The Mint in Lathrup Village, Michigan. Through the stories of breast cancer survivors and the art of dance, this gala event promises to inspire, educate, and uplift all who attend.

A Night to Remember

After a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, the Pink Fund is thrilled to announce the return of “Dancing For The Survivors®.” This gala event, held at The Mint, will not only be a night of exquisite dining but also an opportunity to engage in a moving program designed to celebrate the indomitable spirit of breast cancer survivors. Attendees can look forward to a sea of pink, an ambiance that symbolizes unity and strength in the face of adversity.

One remarkable highlight of this year’s event is the involvement of renowned choreographer Lisa McCall, who is best known for her work with the late Aretha Franklin. What makes Lisa’s participation even more poignant is that she herself is a breast cancer survivor. Her journey of courage and resilience is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. McCall, who found solace in her art during her recovery, will be choreographing an exclusive performance that pays homage to breast cancer survivors.

Dancing For The Survivors

Photo Credit To: PINKFUND.ORG

Stories of Triumph

The heart of “Dancing For The Survivors®” lies in the stories of the brave women who have battled breast cancer and emerged stronger than ever. Victoria Griffin and Donnett Jourdan, who met through the Sisters Network, a national African American Breast Cancer survivorship group, are among the featured dancers. Their performance, under McCall’s choreography, promises to be a moving tribute to the resilience of survivors.

Dancing For The Survivors

Photo credit To: PINKFUND.ORG

Victoria Griffin, reflecting on her own journey through treatment, emphasized the financial burdens faced by many cancer patients. She recalls thinking, “I’m fighting for my life here, do you really think I’m thinking about paying a bill?” Griffin’s experience highlights the critical need for organizations like the Pink Fund, which provides financial support to alleviate the economic strain faced by breast cancer patients during their treatment.

Another remarkable story comes from twin sisters Tegan Higgins and Tiffany Dietz, who are performing a duet together. Their bond transcends the ordinary; both were diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent surgery, and had the same surgeon. Dietz’s vigilance in advocating for herself saved her sister’s life, illustrating the importance of self-advocacy in the face of this disease. Their social media platform, @tandttwintalk, not only spreads awareness but also promotes the importance of regular mammograms.

The Pink Fund’s Mission

The Pink Fund’s mission is not just a noble endeavor; it’s a lifeline for many. Breast cancer often wreaks havoc on the financial stability of patients and their families. The organization’s 90-day grant program is designed to meet critical expenses such as housing, transportation, utilities, and insurance. By offering this financial bridge, the Pink Fund empowers patients to focus on their healing journey, relieving them of the stress of mounting bills and financial insecurity.

Molly MacDonald, the founder of The Pink Fund, understands firsthand the financial challenges that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2005, she found herself facing not only the disease but also the loss of her income and the strain of medical bills. Unable to secure assistance, Molly was determined to make a difference in the lives of others in similar situations. In 2006, she established The Pink Fund, a nonprofit organization offering 90 days of non-medical financial aid to cover essential living expenses like health insurance, housing, transportation, and utilities. Through her dedication, The Pink Fund has provided over $5.4 million in bill payments for breast cancer survivors in active treatment. Molly’s commitment to her cause has earned her numerous awards, including recognition as a Patient Champion and Purpose Prize Fellow. She continues to be a prominent voice in the breast cancer community, advocating for improved patient care and financial wellness. Molly MacDonald’s journey from cancer survivor to philanthropic leader has made a profound impact on the lives of many.

Notable Awards:

2020 George H.W. Bush Points of Light Inspiration Honor Roll

2020 Crain’s Detroit Business Notable Women in Health

2019 Northwood Distinguished Women of the Year

2019 Patient Champion, North America Eye for Pharma Award

2018 National Association of Women Business Owners, Philanthropy Award

2018 Crain’s Detroit Business Healthcare Hero for Corporate Achievement

2017 and 2016 Finalist, EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year for Michigan and Northwest Ohio

2017 Corp! Michigan’s Salute to Diversity, Diversity Champion

2014 Purpose Prize Fellow

2014 Michigan’s Money Hero

2014 Pink Power Mom, Kids II and Bright Starts

Memberships and Positions:

Molly MacDonald is a columnist for Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine focusing on financial wellness, a contributing writer to the American Journal of Managed Care, and a member of the Advisory Board for V-Bid, Value-Based Insurance Design at The University of Michigan. She has a background in journalism, public relations, marketing, and sales, holding a degree from The University of Michigan. As a mother of five adult children and grandmother to two, she is happily married to Tom Pettit, known as Tom Terrific, and continues to be a driving force in the fight against breast cancer-related financial toxicity.

The return of “Dancing For The Survivors®” is a cause for celebration. It symbolizes the resilience of breast cancer survivors and the unwavering support of organizations like the Pink Fund. This gala event, featuring the talents of Lisa McCall and the inspiring stories of survivors, offers a glimmer of hope in the fight against breast cancer. It is a reminder that, together, we can uplift and empower those who need it most. The event is open to the public, inviting all to join in the celebration of life, strength, and unity. To attend or contribute to this noble cause, visit PinkFund.org/events/dancing-for-the-survivors. Let us stand together and dance for the survivors.


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