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An Extraordinary Vision : Canadian Artist Christine Lowe

Christine Lowe
Photo Credit: Christine Lowe

Christine Lowe’s inspiring story reverberates as loudly as do her vibrant, visually arresting creations.  She’s an internationally well regarded activist, an author and, of course, an artist with an increasing global reputation.  

Her striking, unique visual art is drawing positive attention in the art world- and her story really is an inspiration to all women.  Christine’s strong message is – no matter what your challenges, you can not only accomplish your dreams – but you can also help the world to see through your eyes.  

Lowe’s captivating story spans from her younger years marked with spontaneous epileptic seizures, through her federal activism in Canada to her flourishing art career.  It truly does exemplify the triumph of resilient spirit and creative passion over daunting medical odds.

Her personal story, the courageously life-affirming quality of her artwork and her recent move to idyllic Cape Breton, Canada are like intricately woven threads that perpetually frame the dialogue about her life and work.

After moving from Ottawa with her dedicated husband and caregiver, Russell Barth, Lowe is ardently shaping an enticing new life in Cape Breton.  If you chance upon a woman there, dressed in her signature hues of purple and green, perhaps working on her art under the expansive Nova Scotia skies or tending to her impending farm operation, you are witnessing Lowe in her element. 

Her work is increasingly well known – but if you ask Christine what she will do with the trappings of future success, her passion for social justice shines through.

“ I can’t really travel and don’t really desire things like homes and clothes and jewels and fancy furniture and whatnot,” she says with a smile. “So… if I got wealthy… like more money than I need to live… it would likely be spent on a combination of food production, animal sanctuaries, and art grants for other disabled artists.” 

And when it comes to her art?

“I want the whole world to see these paintings,”  she says with passion.  

Christine said she has been inspired, artistically, “by illustration and animation more than I have fine art.”

And what does she paint? 

“This aesthetic can be applied to pretty much any subject matter. If I stuck to just reptiles or flowers or food, I think it would get stale. The variety of subject matter is as much a part of the work as the materials I use. I guess this is a holdover from my graphic design training. Illustrators and graphic designers often have to come up with new ideas for completely new products, week after week. I would get bored doing just reptiles or flowers or toys all the time.” 

  “Eclectic” is my oeuvre,”  says the artist.

Visit her page at http://www.christinelowe.ca

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