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Genuine Connections in a Swipe-Driven World: The Goneby Approach to Unlocking Real-Life Connections

In a world filled with technological connections, online dating has turned into a virtual haven for countless seeking companionship. Yet, the joy of finding a potential match is often clouded by the ever-looming concern of fake profiles or posts and catfishing. These unwelcome companions tarnish the allure of meeting new people, casting doubt on who is truly behind the screen.

Goneby recognizes this issue and is stepping into the dating scene with a revolutionary concept that puts safety at the forefront, especially for women. It is a refreshing departure from conventional dating platforms, committed to rewriting the narrative of online connections.

Goneby is a missed connection platform that brings a touch of serendipity to the digital dating experience. Users are encouraged to share real-life moments – encounters with someone intriguing, be it on a plane, a train, a bustling street, or any public space where two paths might have crossed.

The core philosophy behind Goneby is simple: authenticity is the key to meaningful connections. By prioritizing interactions to individuals who have physically seen each other in real life, the platform mitigates the risks associated with deceptive profiles and catfishing, fostering an environment where genuine connections can flourish.

One of Goneby’s distinctive features is its emphasis on privacy. Users have the option to post about their encounters discreetly, without the need for flamboyant profiles or extensive personal information. This covert approach not only adds an air of mystery but also shields users from the potential hazards of overexposure.

Then, only when two individuals express mutual interest in each other’s posts is a connection established. This unique model not only promotes authentic matches but also filters out the noise, allowing users to focus on meaningful connections rather than swiping through endless profiles.

Goneby champions the right to privacy in the digital age. Users can share their stories and encounters without compromising their personal space. The platform understands that meaningful connections can be nurtured without divulging every detail of one’s life, offering a refreshing alternative to the oversharing culture prevalent on other dating platforms.

By providing the option to limit connections to mutual interest, Goneby ensures that matches are based on genuine curiosity and shared experiences. Users can delve into the specifics of how they crossed paths, discovering commonalities that go beyond the superficial. This focus on substance over style transforms online dating into a more enriching and fulfilling experience.

Furthermore, Goneby respects the importance of consent and allows users to share their profiles and pictures only when there is a mutual agreement. This feature empowers users to control the pace of their interactions, fostering an environment where trust and respect are essential.

The Goneby experience is designed to be exciting and engaging, capturing the essence of those serendipitous moments that often slip away. Users can relive the thrill of a chance encounter and discover connections they might have missed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The platform encourages a sense of curiosity and adventure, fostering a community of individuals who believe in the magic of real-life connections.

The growing concern over the authenticity of online interactions has fueled the need for a platform like Goneby. In a world where digital footprints can be easily manipulated, Goneby brings a refreshing change by anchoring connections in the tangible experiences of the real world., without compromising safety.

For more information, visit Goneby’s website and their TikTok, Instagram, and X profiles.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

Unveiling the Journey of Lily Thien and Allure Microblading Academy

The art of shaping destiny takes courage, motivation, and inspiration – it is a journey that many are afraid to begin. One woman, Lily Thien, dared to take the plunge and navigate these uncharted waters, inspired by the deep, stirring love for her daughter Bella & her passion. Her journey led to the creation of a successful business venture in the beauty industry: The Allure Microblading Academy.

Motherhood began for Lily at a time when she was juggling the hectic life of an SAP consultant, always on the move and constantly on the road. The birth of Bella, however, marked a turning point in Lily’s life, revealing a path filled with new possibilities. The weekly trips to the airport and requisite absences from home became increasingly fundamental challenges she wished to overcome.

Driven by a desire to spend more quality time with her daughter, and leave a legacy for Bella, Lily began to wrestle with the notion of radical change. The restless tug of entrepreneurship intertwined with her passion for beauty began to take shape in her thoughts.

Lily Thien’s story is truly inspiring. It takes incredible strength and bravery to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, especially as a single mother. The weight of uncertainty can be overwhelming, but Lily’s love for her daughter and her passion for beauty and helping others undoubtedly fueled her determination.

Setting her course, Lily finally gave into the inspirational current. She quit her job and took her first step towards creating a legacy for Bella. Summoning her courage, knowledge, and expertise in beauty, Lily Thien started her own venture: the Allure Microblading Academy. Looking back, she recognizes it as the best decision she ever made.

Allure Microblading Academy, situated in the competitive beauty industry, became an embodiment of Lily’s dream transfigured into reality. It was more than a business venture. It was the life she desired; the means to spend precious time with Bella, combined with the joy of following her passion. The academy aimed to offer quality beauty services while also building a strong community of beauty enthusiasts.

The journey was far from smooth, however. The struggles and hurdles seemed daunting at times, from managing finances to creating a brand reputation, from meeting customer expectations to staying relevant in a dynamically-evolving industry. Each day brought new challenges, but it also brought her closer to Bella and her dream.

The harsh glare of doubts and the immense weight of responsibilities began to seem less intimidating for Lily. Gradually, she figured out the knack of balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. She learned to delegate, to prioritize, and to take things at her stride. Embracing failures as learning opportunities, she continued to forge ahead.

Today, Allure Microblading Academy stands as a testament to Lily Thien’s perseverance, passion, and love. It is a reminder that, for a motivated and passionate heart, no hurdle is unsurpassable.

The journey of Lily Thien is an exemplary illustration of determination, perseverance, and following one’s passion. From SAP consultant to a successful entrepreneur and dedicated mom, her journey is filled with inspiration. Despite the obstacles she faced, she found the strength to pursue her dreams and create a life that aligned with her values. Her journey serves as a reminder that with determination and love for what you do, anything is possible. The Allure Microblading Academy symbolizes a tremendous transformation propelled by a mother’s love and nurturing passion for beauty.

And as Lily Thien hopes to build her legacy for Bella, she is unknowingly crafting an inspirational saga for every woman and girl who aspires to break the shackles, follow their heart, and fearlessly chart their course – in beauty, in entrepreneurship, and life at large.

It provides a compelling narrative of a mother’s unwavering love, the power of inspiration and boldness of taking an unconventional path. Lily Thien’s journey with the Allure Microblading Academy serves as an affirmation that sometimes, the journey itself becomes the destination.


Published By: Aize Perez

Driving Online Success: User-Centric Design, Powerful Imagery, and Effective SEO Strategies for Websites

Effective marketing practices for a website are a cornerstone in today’s fast-paced digital age. Often, a website is the first point of encounter between a company and its prospective clients. Ensuring this meeting leaves a lasting, constructive impression that fosters customer loyalty is pivotal. The success of such marketing depends significantly upon certain best practices, where the primary focus is to create a user-centric design. Complemented by the captivating allure of photography, powerful content, and more, these practices can elevate a brand’s marketing game exponentially.

The bedrock of successful website marketing lies in positioning the user at the heart of design. The aesthetics of a website work in symbiosis with smooth navigation and device optimization to enhance user experience significantly. Adopting such a responsive design contributes positively to one’s brand positioning in search rankings and is visually appealing. The appeal of a well-designed site can be significantly enhanced by integrating high-quality visuals and photography. These elements pull in and retain the attention of users, thus increasing the possibility of converting them into loyal customers.

Photography is an effective way to add a layer of depth and dimensionality to one’s content strategy. High-quality images have a way of telling a story, fostering emotional connections, and nurturing trust. The reiteration of business values and vision through unique and diverse photos contributes to establishing the brand as an authority in one’s genre.

Moreover, employing robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies is a necessity in augmenting visibility on search platforms. Along with the usage of keywords and meta tags and updating content, optimizing images by using alt text is also crucial, making the site more accessible and improving SEO performance.

Social media, with its extensive reach and engaging features, is a potent tool for promotion. Carefully curated visual content, coupled with strong brand narratives, can create buzz and drive massive traffic back to the website. Sharing high-resolution images, behind-the-scenes photos, and snippets of brand stories can stimulate community-building around the brand, thus boosting engagement.

Leveraging the power of email marketing, brands can build upon customer relationships. By delivering visually rich, targeted content, promotions, and updates to a subscribed audience, brands can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates. Visuals such as product photos, infographics, and videos can spice up email content and make it more engaging for the reader.

Landing pages serve as the introduction to the brand for potential customers. Using compelling photography and visuals can strengthen the brand message, captivate users’ attention, and entice them to take the desired action. A visually appealing landing page, devoid of distractions and loading quickly, can dramatically surge conversion rates.

Analytics and metrics provide quantitative insights to gauge the success of one’s strategies. By keeping a tap on user behavior and key performance indicators (KPIs), brands can modify and refine their marketing strategy. When complemented with customer testimonials and reviews, which serve as social proof, a brand’s credibility is reinforced, making potential customers more inclined to choose a service.

It is essential to adopt a dynamic stance towards improvement to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. By staying open to feedback, constantly updating the website, and seeking opportunities for betterment, brands can stay afloat against their competition and adapt to changing consumer expectations.

As Renee Farias Agency asserts, “Marketing Strategy, Content Creation, Execution equals effective Visual Branding.” By incorporating these best practices, brands can create an effective online presence that not only attracts visitors but can also convert them into loyal customers.

For more information on website photography, design, and SEO, click here on the Agency’s Bio.


Published By: Aize Perez

Unveiling Veriphy Skincare’s Cleanical Marvels: Ethical Beauty Illuminated at Adit Live LA 2024

Explore the Scientific Essence of Clean Beauty: Veriphy Skincare’s Path to Radiant Skin and Responsible Choices Revealed at Adit Live LA

Los Angeles, CA / January 2024 / Veriphy Skincare, the beauty brand renowned for its fusion of clean and clinically proven skincare developed and researched by women in STEM, is poised to make a significant impact at Adit Live LA 2024. With a steadfast commitment to redefining beauty standards through innovation and ethical practices, Veriphy Skincare will unveil its remarkable products, anchored by the innovative vegan glycogen, PhytoSpherix®.

Cleanical Skincare: Redefining Beauty with Veriphy

Veriphy Skincare’s participation at Adit Live LA 2024 seamlessly aligns with the brand’s commitment to excellence and transparency. Founded on the discovery of PhytoSpherix®, a vegan glycogen renowned for its anti-aging and moisture retention properties, Veriphy has coined the term “Cleanical” to describe its approach — blending clean formulas with clinical rigor.

Extensive clinical testing of the brand’s proprietary PhytoSpherix® has revealed remarkable results, including a significant increase in skin hydration by 53.3% within just one hour of application, visibly reduced wrinkles and fine lines, and a notable improvement in skin hyperpigmentation and pigment spots.

Veriphy’s Formulation Process: Meticulous and Ethical

Veriphy Skincare takes pride in its meticulous formulation process. PhytoSpherix®, the star ingredient, is utilized in high concentrations across their product range. Combined with other powerful and sustainably sourced elements, it forms the core of Veriphy’s commitment to clean, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare.

Empowering Women in STEM: A Core Value of Veriphy

Veriphy Skincare is not just a skincare brand; it’s a movement on a mission to empower women in STEM. Founded and led by women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Veriphy breaks barriers and sets new industry standards. Their innovative approach, guided by scientific rigor, has led to the creation of products that aim to redefine beauty standards.

Veriphy Skincare at Adit Live LA 2024

Guests are invited to experience Veriphy Skincare’s exhibit at Booth #110 at Adit Live LA 2024. Attendees will witness the science behind the brand’s clinical triumphs, from the transformative effects of PhytoSpherix® to the commitment to ethical and sustainable skincare.

In a beauty landscape inundated with automations and algorithms, Veriphy Skincare stands out with a human-centric approach. As part of the Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG) family, Veriphy ensures that each member has access to a real person who is not only an industry expert but also personally invested in their success.

About Veriphy Skincare

Veriphy Skincare, founded by women in STEM, is redefining the industry through innovation, ethics, and excellence. At the core of Veriphy’s success is a scientific approach that leverages cutting-edge research and technology, such as the key ingredient Phytospherix®, resulting in products that promise radiant and smooth skin. Committed to ethical beauty, Veriphy crafts clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products using all-natural ingredients, reflecting a dedication to quality and sustainability. As a women-led company, Veriphy’s leadership in STEM fuels creativity and sets it apart in the skincare industry.

About Adit Live LA 2024

Adit Live LA 2024, organized by the Indie Beauty Media Group (IBMG), connects top-tier beauty buyers, press, and investors with industry-leading brands. In its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, Adit provides a focused, streamlined, and sustainable platform for meaningful connections within the beauty and wellness industry.

Heather Holmes
Email: heather@publicityforgood.com
Tel: 1+(828)332-5307


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Mira Tzur a Self-Made Business Woman & Entrepreneur ventures into NextGEN Fintech

Self-made business woman & entrepreneur , Mira Tzur, partners with TruUniverse to help increase their revenue and reach in North America by leveraging her network.  This partnership brings the element of creativity and expertise many companies are aiming to achieve.

Mira states, “Since Covid customer loyalty and cashless payments methods are a much needed solution in every industry from a bottom line perspective. Enhancements and innovations in developing these marketing necessities have unlimited solutions.” 

In the ever-evolving landscape of fintech, one woman stands out with her drive, courage, and innovative perspective: Mira Tzur.  This seasoned business woman, renowned actress, and award-winning author recently joined TruUniverse, a leading tech-solution provider, where she aids brands in creating seamless experiences through customized cashless payments, rewards, and loyalty programs. As Senior Vice President, Mira’s business background, creativity, and extensive network, are some of the assets she brings to the table. 

Embarking on this new role, Mira is now stepping into the nebulous sphere of fintech.  Having the courage to try new ventures, her intuition supports her vision.  Mira’s confidence and abilities propel her forward as she pursues her business goals and enhances the company.  As a visionary in this woman-led company, Mira hopes to motivate other women to take their ideas and courage into the boardroom.  

Having represented various Fortune 500 companies across different industries, Mira understands the thread between branding and marketing.  Her recent association with Italian fashion footwear brand P.448 currently in Israel, Turkey, and Canada, started when she got inspired by their business model.  One of the things that attracted Mira to P.448, besides the executive team (Jeff Hackman, Hilco Holdings, Wayne Kulkin, Mark Wahlberg…), was the company’s drive for philanthropy and sustainability.  Collaborating with P.448 has been rewarding because of the company’s overall vision and growth .

At Tru Universe, Mira is passionate about working with philanthropic organizations such as United Way,  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC), and others using Tru’s payment platform to facilitate the disaster relief distribution of funds.  Tru’s partnership with these organizations allow distribution of funds to reach those affected in a timely manner. 

Being able to facilitate funds using Tru’s technology and payment platform is what the company strives for.  As the founder and creative force behind One Circle Productions & Consulting Group, Mira has a knack for seeking viable market opportunities.  Her experiences aligned with TruUniverse expansion of innovative solutions to diverse audiences globally.  Mira states, “I thrive on staying creative while being efficient so that we can cut through the red tape and focus on solutions.  Having the experience of working under tight deadlines in my other company, I am driven to take action and create solutions.” 

One of the program solutions Tru is currently implementing is a partnership with the Los Angeles Metro in the North American market.  The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), commonly branded as LA Metro, is the agency that plans, operates, and coordinates funding for most of the transportation system in Los Angeles County. Tru is an ideal, practical, green solution for the LA Metro’s innovative programs geared towards reducing traffic in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, creating unique localized promotions, and enhancing transportation access for individuals who qualify for subsidized transportation benefits. Current projects include One Car Less Santa Monica, Buy Local Santa Monica, as well as the upcoming South LA Mobility Wallet Pilot, in partnership with TAP.  Having established a lucrative contract in the transportation sector sets the precedent for opportunities within that sector Mira wants to expand and develop nationally and internationally.  She is looking forward to upcoming projects that have crossover potential between transportation and media, perhaps incorporating ads on public transportation.  

The challenges of implementing a media strategy for fintech projects inspired Mira to come on board.  Overseeing new projects being implemented and working on developing seamless payment processing and marketing plans for new clients has been some of the highlights of her leadership.  As she channels her strengths towards individualizing  programs to different sectors, each step of her media strategy involves in-depth reflection on the industry’s specifics, the necessities of potential and existing customers, and the brand image TruUniverse aims to maintain.  

Overcoming the obstacles of fostering equality and inclusivity in a male-dominated world, just as she has been publicly speaking through her book, “Anonymously Famous,” empowering women of all ages and origins to become their own boss and own their listening voices.  In her A to Z manual that chronicles the evolution of advertising and marketing from casting to print and on-camera, she coaches  models and businesses on how to best utilize their assets and unique traits for individual branding. 

This latest venture, calls Mira to implement her producing and management skills to this new space as she  claims the process is no different  than raising capital and joining  a winning team for her upcoming movie, “Arugam Bay,” that was shot in Sri Lanka and Israel exactly a year ago.  

However, given the current situation in Israel and the Middle East, acquisition and distribution for the movie was delayed and Tru took its front stage. With a long term vision as the new Senior Vice President of TruUniverse, this joint venture with One Circle Production & Consulting Group, will reach new heights. 

Witnessing the brand’s success in North America, Mira is now directing her efforts towards forging collaborations with governments and banks in regions like the Middle East, Europe, and Asian countries.  Her intuitive ability to recognize the value of fresh industry solutions sparks change in TruUniverse.  This entails developing new product ideas, including branded solutions on payment cards, and elaborate loyalty programs.  In doing so, TruUniverse seeks to distinguish itself from competitors, bolster revenue, and emerge as a trendsetter in fintech solutions. 

This constructive stride is only the beginning of Mira’s grand plans. With her experience, courage, and resolute sense of self, she is on a mission to bring TruUniverse’s solutions to emerging markets worldwide.  Mira is certainly making noise in the industry, creating waves in the fintech landscape, as anticipated by those following her evolving successes.

To stay updated with Mira Tzur’s endeavors  and current projects, follow her on: 

Instagram @mira.tzur, @truuniverseco, @anonymouslyfamous2020 and check her websiteswww.anonymouslyfamous.com, www.miratzur.com,www.onecircleproductions.com, www.truuniverse.com.

Published by: Aly Cinco

The White Coat Effect Receives Rave Reviews, Leaving Those in the Medical Field Begging for More

Image commercially licensed from Unsplash

To anyone seeking a narrative that artfully combines themes both familiar and unique, look no further. L. B. Wells’ debut novel, “The White Coat Effect”, appears to be a compelling tale that channels the contemporary struggle between personal dreams and societal expectations into a relatable story of ambition, love, and self-discovery.

Described as a mirror to the complexities of our time by one Amazon reviewer, “The White Coat Effect” follows the journey of Rory Webber. Here is a young Jewish woman balancing parental pressure, her unquenchable passion for medicine, and a blossoming love for Amir Hadid, a charismatic senior resident originally from Pakistan.

In this tale, Wells expertly navigates the intense currents of medical school, presenting a graphic and engrossing depiction. The narrative plunges readers into a world drenched in sleepless nights, inside jokes, and the inescapable pressure that defines the journey to becoming a doctor. With every page, Wells does more than tell a story; she provides readers with an experiential understanding of the medical profession by immersing us in Rory’s world. You cannot help but feel as though you are earning your white coat alongside Rory as she battles misogyny, societal norms, and familial expectations in her rise to becoming a “big cat” surgeon.

The love story woven through the narrative resonates with readers, for it is not just any love story. It is a tale of forbidden love, fraught with the tension that these kinds of relationships often carry. Despite this, the scintillating romance is not overbearing but elegantly unfolded. The result is a love story that transcends the typical narrative, offering depth, substance, and a look into the intricate dance between societal norms, personal desires, and even the complexities that tangle tradition and autonomy.

As one reviewer lavished, Wells masterfully crafted an alluring story that engages readers from start to finish. Who wouldn’t be captivated by the blazing tension between Rory and Amir, a magnetic force that pulls readers through the narrative delightfully?

It is no secret that readers have connected deeply with Rory’s character. Specifically, her journey from an awkward, pudgy adolescent to an empowered, accomplished surgeon strikes a chord in readers. Pathos is elicited as we follow along with Rory’s sexual awakening as she stumbles awkwardly through puberty, like many of us did, into her journey of self-discovery.

The overall verdict? “The White Coat Effect” by L.B. Wells has left its readers wanting more. Yes, a sequel is in high demand. An engaging narrative of ambition, love, and self-discovery, this book has not only won the hearts of its readers but has earned their respect. Readers fervently agree – for those in the medical industry or looking for a captivating tale of forbidden love and personal growth, “The White Coat Effect” is an absolute must-read.

Check out the glowing reviews on Amazon and consider diving into Rory’s world yourself. You might find yourself swept up in the whirlwind that is Rory Webber; after all, millions of captivated readers have already.

Published by: Nelly Chavez