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New Year’s Eve Makeup 2024: Emphasizing the Beauty of Your Eyes

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New Year’s Eve makeup isn’t just an addition to your look; it’s an art that helps you stand out and make others admire your confidence and style. As we approach 2024, let’s explore several makeup options that will accentuate the beauty of your eyes and help you shine at the New Year’s Eve party.

2024 Makeup Trends:

The world of makeup is always evolving, and 2024 is no exception. Trends are changing rapidly, with the focus shifting from lips to eyes. However, that’s just the beginning; glitters, colorful eyeliners, and well-defined lip contours are still in vogue.

Colorful Eyeliners:

Colorful eyeliners are one of the most exciting makeup trends. You’ve likely seen them before, but for the New Year, why not experiment with different colors, lengths, and angles for your eyeliner? To add an extra touch of magic, you can apply some glitter on top. This will give your makeup an extra dose of enchantment and a festive feel.

Shimmering Artwork:

On New Year’s Eve, everything sparkles. Some people use glitters, a lot of highlighter, or even just some shimmer and shine. A unique trend this year is to create small, iridescent designs on your face. These look fabulous in neutral tones and enhance your individuality and style.

Defined Lip Contours:

Instead of going for a casual, “just-kissed” look, well-defined lip contours are in for New Year’s Eve. Choose a lip color that complements the shade of your eyes and hair. Red lips are always in style and can be a statement on their own.

New Year’s Eye Makeup According to Eye Color:

To achieve the perfect New Year’s eye makeup, it’s essential to prepare your skin adequately. Start with a base or a light foundation, followed by concealer. While thicker textures make your makeup last longer, it’s crucial to avoid an overloaded appearance.

For Blue Eyes:

Experiment with dark, vivid colors and enhance your eyes with blue or teal eyeliners. Don’t hesitate to try the Smokey Eyes technique. Remember, you can still apply a touch of shine near the inner corner of your eye. A bold, raspberry lip color will grab attention, but opt for more matte and subtle shades on your eyes.

For Green Eyes:

Violet shades, pastel lilac, and golden tones compliment green eyes beautifully. You can match your lip color to your eye makeup, so rich burgundy or deep red lips are excellent choices. To make your lips stand out, you can skip the shimmer on your eyes and go for more matte and understated shades.

For Gray Eyes:

Women with gray eyes have plenty of options for their main eye makeup color. Soft, pastel pinks or caramels are flattering choices. You can match your eyeliner to your eye color. If you want to add extra glamour, emphasize your lips. Choose peachy or copper shades to give your skin a dewy appearance. Using a primer and highlighter can create a radiant, glowing effect.

For Blue Eyes:

With blue eyes, you can go bold and intense. Dark, saturated colors like navy or deep purple can add depth. You can also enhance your eyes using blue or turquoise eyeliners. Don’t shy away from Smokey Eyes with a gradient effect. A cold-toned highlighter is ideal to complete the look. A bright raspberry lip color will add the finishing touch to your New Year’s Eve appearance.

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In the ever-changing world of beauty, NatiNoir is a name that stands out. A professional in the beauty industry, NatiNoir is a regular at New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles fashion shows, always keeping a keen eye on fashion trends. NatiNoir understands what’s currently in vogue in Hollywood and the beauty industry. With her expertise and insight, you can trust her recommendations to help you create the perfect New Year’s Eve makeup. Whether you’re at a glamorous party or enjoying an intimate gathering, NatiNoir’s expertise will ensure that your eye makeup for 2024 shines as brightly as your ambitions for the year ahead.

Stacy Hawkins Adams: Inspiring Women and Changing Lives through Words

There are few voices as impactful and inspiring as Stacy Hawkins Adams. An award-winning black author and speaker, Stacy’s journey from journalism to becoming a prolific writer is nothing short of remarkable. Her powerful words have resonated with readers, leaving an indelible mark on those who have had the privilege of hearing this remarkable author. We will delve into the life and career of Stacy Hawkins Adams, exploring her unique perspective, challenges she’s overcome, and the many accolades that have recognized her as a standout figure in the world of motivational literature and how she wanted to inspire women writers to become one.

A Journey Rooted in Storytelling

Stacy Hawkins Adams’ journey as a motivational author and motivational speaker began long before she penned her first book. From her early years, she was a storyteller, captivated by the magic of words and the ability to transport readers and listeners to different worlds. This natural gift led her to a career in journalism, where she honed her writing skills and discovered the transformative power of words.

“I’ve been a storyteller since childhood, and that morphed into a career in journalism, before I launched into writing books. Every phase and facet of my journey as a writer and speaker has shown me that words have the power to transform lives, and I’m grateful to be able to use mine (whether writing, speaking, or coaching aspiring authors) to help others embrace the power in their personal stories and use their experiences to walk in their purpose,” Stacy Hawkins Adams reflects, as she continues to light the way for countless souls seeking inspiration and guidance.

Stacy Hawkins Adams: Inspiring Women and Changing Lives through Words

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However, Stacy’s calling as a storyteller didn’t end with journalism. Her transition to writing books opened up new avenues for her to explore the depths of human experiences and the potential for personal growth. With a career spanning nearly two decades, she has authored 12 books, including novels and nonfiction inspirational works.

One of her recent works, “The Pivot,” is a chapbook that delivers an inspirational poem, encouraging women to navigate life’s ebbs and flows with grace and resilience. This collection serves as a testament to her commitment to empowering others through her words.

Overcoming Challenges through Dedication

Like many successful individuals, Stacy has faced her share of challenges on her journey. One recurring challenge is the struggle to find enough time in a day to manage the various aspects of her creative career, from writing to speaking and running her enterprise. Balancing creativity and the business side of her work is a constant juggling act.

To address this challenge, Stacy has adopted a multifaceted approach. She strategically allocates certain days for specific tasks, allowing her to focus on writing, speaking engagements, and business operations at different times. Moreover, she recognizes the importance of building a reliable support system, a practice that is essential for women leaders in various industries. By hiring assistants and coaches, she ensures that she can operate with excellence while pursuing her creative passions.

A Unique Perspective in the Industry

What sets Stacy Hawkins Adams apart in her industry is her multi-genre expertise. Her works have been traditionally published by renowned publishing houses such as HarperCollins and Baker Publishing Group. However, she also possesses the unique perspective of being an independent creator, with a self-produced line of notecards and poetry chapbooks.

Stacy Hawkins Adams: Inspiring Women and Changing Lives through Words

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In the realm of speaking, Stacy’s approach goes beyond sharing her personal story. She invites her audience to draw inspiration from her experiences, guiding them to find relevance and purpose in their own journeys. Her words are a bridge between her own life and the lives of her readers and listeners, making her messages resonate on a deeply personal level.

Notable Career Highlights

Stacy Hawkins Adams’ contributions to the world of motivational literature have not gone unnoticed. In 2021, she was honored with the Motivational Author of the Year award from the National Black Book Festival, a recognition of her remarkable impact on her readers and audiences. She also received the 2021 Central Virginia Communications & Leadership Award from Toastmasters International, further cementing her position as a leader in her field.

Stacy’s journey as a writer and speaker has taken her through various platforms, from her role as a former HuffPost blogger to her current position as a freelancer for Our Daily Bread. These accolades and accomplishments are a testament to her unwavering dedication to inspiring others through her words.

A Beacon of Hope

Over the years, Stacy Hawkins Adams has received countless messages from readers and audiences, each one affirming the profound impact her words have had on their lives. Her work is a beacon of hope, a source of encouragement for those in need of inspiration and motivation. Stacy’s mission is to remind others that their stories, experiences, and voices matter, and that they too can find their purpose and make a meaningful impact on the world.

The Future of Stacy Hawkins Adams

Looking ahead, Stacy has ambitious dreams and aspirations for her brand. She envisions her novels making their way to the big screen or becoming cable series, bringing her powerful stories to an even wider audience. Furthermore, she aims to expand her line of books, products, and signature programs under the LifeUntapped brand, continuing to inspire growth and empowerment among her readers and fellow writers.

Stacy Hawkins Adams: Inspiring Women and Changing Lives through Words

Photo Credit To: pamperrypr.com

In the world of motivational literature and speaking, Stacy Hawkins Adams stands as a testament to the transformative power of words. Her journey, marked by perseverance and dedication, has touched the lives of many, reminding us all of the importance of embracing our own possibilities and purpose. Stacy’s commitment to being an encourager through her words is a testament to her passion and a source of inspiration for those who have the privilege of experiencing her work.

Stacy’s impact extends beyond her books and speaking engagements; it includes offering her wisdom and guidance as a writing coach through her Focused Writers group. This community of aspiring authors finds a mentor and guide in Stacy, who understands the intricacies of the publishing world, from traditional to independent routes. Her knowledge and expertise empower writers to bring their stories to life and share them with the world. You can explore more about her writing coaching services and resources at Focused Writers.

In a world where words hold immense power, Stacy Hawkins Adams continues to inspire and motivate, leaving an indelible mark on the lives she touches. Her journey from journalism to a celebrated author and speaker has been a testament to the transformative power of words, a journey that has not only changed her life but the lives of countless others. Stacy’s mission is clear: to help individuals embrace the strength within their personal stories and find their purpose, a calling she fulfills with unwavering passion and dedication.

A Versatile Wordsmith

Stacy Hawkins Adams has a gift for weaving tales in both fiction and nonfiction that help readers grow confident in their own stories. She has penned 12 books – nine women’s fiction novels, a faith-based devotional book, a compilation of original inspirational quotes, and most recently, a single-poem chapbook titled “The Pivot.”

Her fiction features themes related to personal growth, matters of faith, friendship and family, and some of her novels have been featured reading selections in high school and college courses. They include “Coming Home” (a Target stores Recommended Read); “The Someday List” (an Essence magazine bestseller), and “Dreams That Won’t Let Go” (a Library of Virginia Literary Award finalist). Stacy’s nonfiction work includes “Abound! Principles for Next Level Living,” a compilation of original quotes through which she inspires readers to live authentically.

Accolades and Recognition

Stacy is a recent recipient of the Motivational Author of the Year award from the National Black Book Festival. She also was honored with a 2021 Central Virginia Communications & Leadership Award that Toastmasters International gives to non-members.

Before becoming an author, Stacy was a newspaper reporter for more than a decade. She went on to build a freelance writing career, through which she has penned articles and columns for local and national publications, such as the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Heart & Soul magazine, and Our Daily Bread. She also served as a contributing blogger for the HuffPost for several years.

Inspiration Beyond the Page

Stacy currently maintains a blog called Life Untapped, through which she encourages women to own their relevance. She infuses insight from her graduate studies in women’s leadership into speeches and keynote messages for corporate, civic, and faith-based audiences. She also curates occasional inspirational programs for women, including her popular “Celebrating the Power of Women’s Stories™” inspirational brunches.

Stacy provides coaching to aspiring authors through her Focused Writers Membership Community and by occasionally leading writing workshops and teaching at writers conferences in her local community and nationwide.

Beyond the literary world, Stacy is a strategic communications and marketing professional. She resides in Virginia and is a longtime community volunteer, leading to recognition as a YWCA of Richmond “Outstanding Woman of the Year” and a Style Weekly magazine Top 40 honoree. Stacy is a graduate of Leadership Metro Richmond and is well-versed in women’s leadership, child and youth advocacy, and DEI issues as a result of her various professional and civic roles. Stacy Hawkins Adams’ journey as a writer, speaker, and coach is a remarkable testament to the transformative power of words, leaving an indelible mark on the lives she touches and inspiring countless others to embrace their own narratives and walk in their purpose.

Connecting with Stacy Hawkins Adams

Leveraging WhatsApp for E-commerce Sales Growth: A Guide for 2023

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, reaching out to customers through WhatsApp provides a unique opportunity to establish direct and meaningful connections. Business owners have recognized the potential of WhatsApp and are increasingly leveraging it to send personalized messages and enhance customer engagement. This ultimate guide outlines how businesses can harness WhatsApp to drive higher sales in the coming years.

1. Get WhatsApp Business API

To unlock the full potential of WhatsApp for e-commerce, the first step is to acquire the WhatsApp Business API. This powerful tool allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their systems with WhatsApp, enabling them to send messages, receive orders, and access valuable customer data directly through the messaging platform. WhatsApp Business API offers several benefits:

  • Automation of Customer Communication: Businesses are able to set up automated responses for common customer inquiries, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Scalable Customer Service: Enterprises can respond promptly to customer queries, ensuring swift and efficient support.
  • Data Analysis: By analyzing customer data, businesses gain insights into customer interests and needs, allowing for more effective customization of offers and promotions.

2. Send Customized Messages to Your Customers

Engaging customers effectively involves sending them customized messages. Tools like WA Sender empower businesses to send multiple messages to customers, each containing personalized content and images. This approach allows businesses to reach a diverse customer base while ensuring that every message is tailored and relevant.

3. Add a WhatsApp Chat Widget to Your Online Store

Enhance customer engagement by incorporating a WhatsApp chat widget into your website or online store. This widget enables website visitors to initiate direct WhatsApp conversations with your business, simplifying customer inquiries and facilitating real-time assistance. Customers can easily reach out to customer service representatives and receive immediate support. This convenience contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Automate Push Updates and Notifications

WhatsApp serves as an effective platform for sending push updates and notifications to customers. Businesses can notify customers about product launches, new arrivals, sales, discounts, and other noteworthy developments. This practice fosters trust, as customers are kept informed about changes and updates within the business. Additionally, companies can utilize notifications to conduct surveys and collect valuable feedback from customers, enabling data-driven decision-making.

5. Recover Abandoned Carts in E-commerce

Cart abandonment is a common challenge in e-commerce. WhatsApp offers an efficient solution for recovering abandoned carts and converting lost sales into successful transactions. By sending timely and personalized messages to customers who have left items in their carts, businesses can incentivize them to complete their purchases. This proactive approach significantly boosts sales and enhances customer loyalty.

6. Boost Engagement with Interactive Messaging

Interactive messaging can be a powerful tool for engaging customers in a captivating manner. Businesses can create polls, allowing customers to vote on preferred products or pose questions and encourage responses. These interactive features keep customers engaged and increase the likelihood of converting them into loyal patrons. Additionally, WhatsApp’s automation features, such as “quick replies” and “delayed delivery,” expedite responses to queries and ensure the timely delivery of messages.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp stands as a potent asset for e-commerce businesses, offering advanced features and capabilities to drive sales and elevate customer engagement. If you haven’t yet incorporated WhatsApp into your e-commerce strategy, now is the ideal time to commence. With WhatsApp, you can create a personalized and immersive customer experience that leads to increased sales and business growth.

Embark on your WhatsApp journey today and unlock the immense benefits it offers to e-commerce businesses in 2023 and beyond.

Epigenetics and Teen Mood Disorders: How Ancestors’ Traumas Influence Today’s Generation’s Mental Health

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When most of us think about inheritance, we often visualize physical traits passed down through genes – the blue eyes of a grandparent or the curly hair of an aunt. However, emerging scientific understanding points to a more profound and intangible inheritance, especially when considering mental health. Epigenetics, a rapidly growing field, explores how experiences of previous generations, particularly traumatic events, can leave a mark on the genes and potentially influence the emotional well-being of current and future generations. Among those at the forefront of this research is Evelyn Llewellyn of Connecticut, who has delved deep into the relationship between epigenetics and mood disorders in teens. This exploration of genetic markers beyond our DNA structure has revealed intricate connections between past traumas and present mental health. Our understanding of genes and inheritance is expanding and becoming more nuanced as a result.

Unraveling Epigenetics

At its core, epigenetics involves changes in gene activity that do not involve alterations to the underlying DNA sequence. It’s like having a script (your DNA) but different directors (epigenetic changes) influencing how that script is acted out. These changes can be triggered by various factors, including environment, lifestyle, and yes, trauma. What’s groundbreaking is that some of these epigenetic “marks” can be passed down to subsequent generations, influencing their health and behavior. As we delve deeper into the genetic code, it becomes evident that our genes carry stories from our ancestors. These stories, told through epigenetic changes, have a lasting impact, influencing our health and behaviors in ways we’re just beginning to understand.

Traumas of the Past Echoing in the Present

Consider a harrowing event, like war or famine, experienced by someone’s grandparents. These events, filled with stress and trauma, can lead to epigenetic changes in their genes. If these changes are passed on, they might predispose the next generations to certain health issues, including mood disorders. For teens, whose emotional and hormonal landscapes are already in flux, these inherited predispositions can manifest more strongly, potentially resulting in conditions like anxiety or depression. Recognizing this intergenerational connection might shed light on unexplained mood disorders in some teens. It’s a revelation that encourages us to consider the bigger picture, encompassing generations past, when addressing current mental health issues.

Studies and Findings

There have been numerous studies delving into this intricate connection. One of the most cited is research on the descendants of Holocaust survivors, which found that these descendants had alterations in the same part of their genes that regulate stress responses, making them more susceptible to anxiety disorders. While these studies do not definitively prove causation, they highlight a fascinating and essential connection between ancestral trauma and current mental health challenges. Evelyn Llewellyn of Connecticut emphasizes the importance of considering these epigenetic factors when diagnosing and treating mood disorders in teens. The breadth and depth of these studies give us a more rounded understanding of the myriad influences on teen mental health. The findings, though preliminary in some cases, provide crucial insights into the interconnectedness of generational experiences.

Implications for Treatment

Understanding the influence of epigenetics on mood disorders offers new avenues for treatment. For one, therapies might be tailored to address not just the immediate triggers of a teen’s mood disorder but also the underlying epigenetic factors. This broader approach could lead to more comprehensive and lasting therapeutic solutions. By incorporating a deeper understanding of a patient’s genetic history, treatments can be more personalized and holistic. This evolution in treatment strategy emphasizes a more inclusive view of a patient’s history, one that spans generations. As therapists and medical professionals understand this better, there’s potential for a significant shift in treatment paradigms.

The Role of Environment

While ancestral trauma can influence epigenetic changes, the environment in which a teen grows up also plays a crucial role in their mental well-being. Positive experiences, nurturing environments, and supportive relationships can counteract some of the inherited predispositions, acting as protective factors. Evelyn Llewellyn often points out that understanding the epigenetic influences is just one piece of the puzzle. Creating a supportive environment for teens is equally, if not more, vital in promoting their mental health. The nature vs. nurture debate takes on new dimensions in light of epigenetics. It becomes clear that both our genetic history and current environment work hand in hand to shape our mental landscape.

An Ongoing Exploration

Epigenetics, though a promising field, is still in its infancy. As with all scientific endeavors, more research is required to fully understand the extent of its influence and the best ways to leverage this knowledge. However, the initial findings have provided valuable insights into the complex tapestry of factors that contribute to teen mood disorders. They emphasize the interconnectedness of our experiences, suggesting that our lives are not just shaped by our immediate circumstances but also by the echoes of our ancestors’ pasts. The horizon of what we know and understand about genes and behaviors is expanding with each new discovery. As science progresses, we find ourselves grappling with the complexities and marvels of our genetic heritage in ever more profound ways.

Conclusion: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Understanding the role of epigenetics in teen mood disorders pushes us to adopt a more holistic perspective on mental health. It underscores the importance of considering both the genetic and environmental factors when addressing these disorders. As research in the field grows, and with experts like Evelyn Llewellyn of Connecticut guiding the way, there’s hope for more effective interventions and therapies. By acknowledging the traumas of the past and addressing the challenges of the present, we can pave a healthier path for the generations to come. The promise of a future where mental health treatments are tailor-made based on a blend of genetic history and current needs is exciting. The journey towards this future, backed by robust research and understanding, holds promise for many.