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Biden’s Upcoming Visit to Israel and Jordan

Image Commercially Licensed from: Deposit Photos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Deposit Photos

President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel this week, marking his second trip to an active conflict zone this year after Ukraine. Invited by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden aims to show solidarity with Israel as it faces attacks from Hamas and prepares for a ground invasion of Gaza. During his trip, Biden will also visit Jordan to meet with leaders crucial for Middle East stability.

House of Representatives to Vote on New Speaker

A vote for a new Speaker of the House could happen as early as today. Representative Jim Jordan is rallying his party’s support to meet the 217-vote threshold required to win. The vote will be a significant moment for moderate and politically vulnerable Republicans.

A shooting in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, left two Swedish nationals dead and one wounded. The attacker claimed inspiration from the Islamic State militant group and possibly targeted Swedish people. The incident is being investigated as an apparent act of terrorism.

The bankruptcy of Rite Aid, the third-largest pharmacy chain in the U.S., could lead to the closure of many of its 2,000 stores. This development may change the landscape of physical pharmacies.

A recent CDC report indicates growing hesitancy about vaccination among pregnant women. Nearly a quarter of 2,000 surveyed pregnant women expressed significant hesitancy about getting a flu shot, an increase from the previous year.

  • An aid convoy for Gaza is stuck at the Egyptian border.
  • Donald Trump calls for barring potential refugees from Gaza from entering the U.S.
  • A hate crime in Illinois left a six-year-old boy dead and his mother severely injured.
  • Former President Donald Trump is expected to appear in a $250 million civil fraud trial.
  • The Biden administration reached a settlement allowing separated migrant families to live and work in the U.S. for three years.